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How can I get Imoen back?

Hi All,

I think that I just ballsed up big time. I dismissed Imoen from the party and can't find her.

Background: In BG1 tutu, I just killed Mulahey in Nashkel Mines, and I wanted to check out Xan, so I made space by sacking off Imoen. The conversation went some like this:

I: You can't leave just leave me here!
Me: Farewell then!
I: You're no fun since we left candlekeep! I should never have come along with you gully pennies.

Then she storms of out the cave. Usually she says that she'll wait at candlekeep, but I've been there and nowhere to be seen. She didn't stay at the cave either.

It seems pretty final that she won't come back, but I've spent HOURS dualling classing her and can't be arsed doing it all again with another character.

Does ANYONE no where she could be? Or if there's no way to get her back?

Thanks in advance - please help me recover the game, if you can!


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