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Tweets regarding the Android version.

Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
I've already posted this, but decided to make it its own topic and in plain text (the twitter links were playing havoc with my computer when trying to load the page). This is mainly to gather all the Android related tweets in one place and avoid further misconception that there has been no news, or a lack of communication, and will serve to gather future tweets regarding the Android versions of Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition, until both games are actually released (as opposed to just being in beta). Since some people have access to the beta on Android, here's hoping for a quick and stable release.

The tweets below are a time-line, if you will, which shows the Overhaul team making slow and steady progress up to this point. Porting 15 year old code (that was in excess of one million lines of code when they started), hardware performance, texture formats, handling (I/O) of files, the APK format, re-writing of the entire engine to better support tablets—both iOS and Android—it's almost all covered to some degree. There is only so much detail you can fit into 140 characters, but the information/communication is there. I will be posting more tweets as separate posts (rather than making this post longer than it already is) should more become available. There have been an average of 5-9 Android related tweets per month, depending on whether or not you account for everything that has "Android" in the tweet—whether informative or not; I've drawn a rough line, a cut-off point, so some tweets are not there—and also depending on whether or not you count the approximate three months that they were not able to sell the game due to legal circumstances. Consider this a sister topic to Decoding Twitters!!!

Unless otherwise stated, all tweets below are from Trent Oster. They date back to December 2012.
Android is well underway. I was testing a build earlier today on the Nexus7. Still needs a fair bit of work
2:19 AM - 15 Dec 2012
Plan is, find the problem with OSX, fix it fast and re-sumit. In the meantime, keep trucking on #Android
2:08 AM - 17 Dec 2012
@Zael_Faroe We're working hard towards an Android release. The .APK file schema and #BGEE are not playing nice atm.
12:23 AM - 19 Dec 2012
@MattJGallardo Sorry. We're trying, but moving to a shippable product on Android is going hard due to the APK file structure.
7:54 PM - 19 Dec 2012
@y0ru We are going to release for Android. It might take us a little time yet, but we are going to do it.
9:07 PM - 20 Dec 2012
@lucaozsemprini on PC, yes, on iPad, yes. Mac, Android and Linux are still in development.
3:56 AM - 24 Dec 2012
We've hit a snag with BG resource handling and ship panel APK files. We're going to be a while yet on Android.
9:31 PM - 2 Jan 2013
Cam's frustration levels with the Infinity engine resource system are very high. I think he might make some big changes for Android
3:14 AM - 12 Jan 2013
@ayoldguy1 The #BGEE #Android build is going to be the end of the month at the earliest. We are rebuilding the file access to work with .APK
4:21 PM - 18 Jan 2013
@BlueTintedGaz The main issues with the Android version is getting it into a shippable .APK format. We've had to re-write File I/O
8:59 PM - 21 Jan 2013
@mehow91 @mbusigin @Ooze The Infinity file system is a pig for virtual memory. We're re-writing for Android and will back port to iPad after
4:18 PM - 23 Jan 2013
On the Android front, Cam has the engine file system all apart. It will be a while yet.
12:32 AM - 26 Jan 2013
@agosh13 Android looked good to go a while back, but when we compressed .APK, Infinity could not read files. Re-writing entire system.
1:44 AM - 3 Feb 2013
Cam is cooking on Android. He's getting there. On the Mac front, we're hoping to announce something soon,
8:11 PM - 4 Feb 2013
@Kizzzik next 10 days might be too tight for Android. Cam's just starting to put the organs back in.
2:10 AM - 5 Feb 2013
@Specter597 The Android work will make #BG2EE play nicer with memory and should cut down on the hard to find bugs.
12:37 AM - 7 Feb 2013
@koboxu Plan is to ship the next patch when we ship Mac, next after that patch is when we ship Android. Linux will follow in a while.
4:05 PM - 13 Feb 2013
@elcowboygothic #Android is next on the table for #bgee. We're going to have an intensive jam session on it starting next week
5:49 PM - 15 Feb 2013
@bluetintedgaz Android-jam is a bit of a mess at the moment. We've got some work lying ahead of us.
12:18 AM - 20 Feb 2013
@bg_sepotter Android is now top priority. After we get back from the visit to Wizards of the Coast.
1:34 AM - 24 Feb 2013
@mtrem2 Our Matching service is still in development. With the extra effort we've had to put to the Mac and Android versions, it was parked
8:39 PM - 28 Feb 2013
@invaderrj Android is cooking. We just did a round of testing on the new filesystem and now we are fixing bugs in it.
9:48 PM - 28 Feb 2013
@fowler002 Android is still in the works. My Nexus 10 did show up thought, so we can start looking at that hardware.
9:32 PM - 4 Mar 2013
@shnizmuffin Android first, then Multiplayer gets the loving.
11:15 PM - 6 Mar 2013
We're testing on the new file compressed system implementation for Android. We're down to a few remaining issues. Then we test devices
11:42 PM - 9 Mar 2013
Localized versions will be our focus after the tech team ships the Android version.
7:51 PM - 11 Mar 2013
We're trying to prioritize our Android efforts by device. Please vote. If your device is not listed, comment.
4:22 PM - 12 Mar 2013

Doh! Posted wrong link. Vote for your Android device here:
5:09 PM - 12 Mar 2013
In our ongoing "Which Android device should we support first?" The Nexus 7 is owning all with 40% of the vote.
4:45 PM - 13 Mar 2013
@malstrom88 We are hard at work on Android. We underestimated the scope of file system work, so we put in the time and ship when done.
10:38 PM - 25 Mar 2013
@FBKStaff We will make it work. We're optimistic the fans will come out and buy the game so we can stand tall as an #Android supporter
9:35 PM - 26 Mar 2013
@JayMcIntyre1 Our programming team is focused on #BGEE #Android while everyone else is working madly on #BG2EE
3:18 PM - 6 Apr 2013
@dalingrin We have to look at the time cost. Right now we are pushing to get an Android build done. Adding ETC1 would slow that down.
5:58 PM - 11 Apr 2013
@Purudaya Yes, #BG2EE will be on PC this year. Should be on iPad, Mac and Android as well
3:08 AM - 12 Apr 2013
@cybermoo Thanks, We're proud of all the work that went into the tablet versions. The new Android code will make the iPad1 work better
10:43 PM - 13 Apr 2013
Android build is well underway. We're currently tracking down a random, hard-to-trace crash on asset loading. Old code doing bad things
6:41 PM - 18 Apr 2013
The Tech team are working steady on the Android release. The Content Team is cooking on #BG2EE. Date-wise, I'd guess, when it is done.
11:34 PM - 23 Apr 2013
@bigboss5050 We are working on three tech bits right now, Matching, Renderer and Android. We'll see when it all shakes out.
4:49 AM - 24 Apr 2013
We are optimizing the Android builds for performance. The current performance is not great and we're trying to bring it up.
10:59 PM - 26 Apr 2013
@chiroptid We're still debating what to do on Android smartphones. What does everyone think, should we 1) ship it or 2) Don't support phones
11:48 PM - 29 Apr 2013
@theguiltmachine The Android build is requiring some hardcore optimization to bring the frame rate into the realm of playable. We're on it.
9:19 PM - 3 May 2013
We are making builds and testing for #Android and Basic Multiplayer matching. Steady progress fixing bugs and making new #BG2EE content
1:04 AM - 12 May 2013
Our current #Android work on #BGEE will make every platform better. If it does well on Android, it will be an easy sell to do #BG2EE
7:39 PM - 14 May 2013
#BGEE #Android and Patch update, too long for 140 chars:
7:04 PM - 30 May 2013
In the time-line, this is where they halted work for almost three months and recommenced work after the legal wrangling:
@codyrioux Android is back in the works
3:53 AM - 26 Aug 2013
@mediumd Cameron is working on a roadmap he is going to share, laying out our plans. We are still working towards an Android version.
3:56 PM - 6 Sep 2013
@matthileo Still working on Android. Plan is to release the current patch and launch Android after, so every platform will be compatible.
6:10 PM - 11 Sep 2013
@SDragon64 #Android #bgee is in the pipe. First we need to patch all the other platforms. We're still testing the patch.
7:49 PM - 2 Oct 2013
@matthileo Android is set to follow the beta test roll out. The plan is progressing as covered here:
12:03 AM - 5 Oct 2013
@Ladrtay We've started toward the BG:EE Android release. First, the 1.2 Patch must launch
12:46 AM - 9 Oct 2013
Great sadness. Our Nexus 7 has ceased all function. Rejoice for the new Asus Tablet.
2:29 AM - 9 Oct 2013
@Secretsniper The #Android work turned out to be much worse than anticipated. Major re-writing of large systems. #wearehurrying ;)
4:52 PM - 9 Oct 2013
@tgould9000 We have a Nexus 10 tablet, but it uses the Mali GPU which does n't support the DXT or PVRTC compression schemes. Must test all!
4:49 PM - 9 Oct 2013
@partylikeaninja Android is a big challenge for a 15 year old code base. We are doing our best to get a stable Android version shippable.
4:18 PM - 4 Nov 2013
@partylikeaninja We are harmonizing the tech, so #BGII:EE for Android should be much faster for us to ship.
5:46 PM - 4 Nov 2013
We are going to lead #BGII:EE on PC on Beamdog. Mac on Beamdog is next. iPad BGII:EE is #3 . Android BG:EE is #4. Android BGII:EE is #5
6:56 PM - 12 Nov 2013
We don't have hard dates for other than PC. Mac, iPad, Android are all the 15th or later. We hope to have all done before Christmas.
9:50 PM - 12 Nov 2013
@LordShaper Android is on deck after iPad. We've done the heavy lifting, now we just need the extra time to polish to avoid internet hate
12:15 AM - 19 Nov 2013
@Sirenrof We are working on the Tablet versions right now. An iPad bug is also an Android bug, so progress is happening.
5:42 PM - 19 Nov 2013
@thecarveryguy We haven't forgotten about Android users. we're appreciate your patience as we wrestle old code onto a new platform.
4:27 PM - 2 Dec 2013
@Amauensis Not yet. Will keep everyone informed when we have a good Android build.
9:25 PM - 5 Dec 2013
Cameron is deep in the guts of Adding ASTC to the Android build. This completes the trinity of Texture format support on #Android #BGEE
7:16 PM - 9 Dec 2013
@Secretsniper We've never set a date for the Android build and given the surprises to date I'm not starting now ;-) Hopefully soon.
9:54 PM - 9 Dec 2013
#BGEE 1.2 Patch is now in the Apple approval process. Tomorrow, Full speed ahead on #Android
11:01 AM - 10 Dec 2013
@Gorbear It was mainly the .zip fliesystem. iOS unpacks first, Android runs from the .zip. BG code couldn't handle that. We re-wrote.
4:52 PM - 10 Dec 2013
@dmoreau We've already put a ton of effort into Android, we just need to finish it up. Once ASTC support is in we're close
9:03 PM - 10 Dec 2013
@levi_blev Android is still getting worked on. With iOS there is one texture format. With Android, there are three. Just more work.
8:56 PM - 15 Dec 2013
@matthileo Android needs about five Hail Mary passes. There are still a number if annoying Android issues on various devices.
12:19 AM - 22 Dec 2013
Two from Cameron Tofer:
If you've volunteered for the Android and iPad beta on TestFlight please register your devices or we can't let you in!
4:05 PM - 13 Dec 13
rewrote bg's file system code for android, going to be back porting this to fix iPad 1's running out of memory issues
4:22 AM - 19 Apr 13



  • Aron740Aron740 Member Posts: 153
    Do not know if I should feel depressed or happy/hyped

  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 276
    I ran the Testflight build on my Android tablet. It had issues and so wasn't very playable, but I firmly fall into the "happy/hyped" camp =D

  • Out2lunchOut2lunch Member Posts: 57
    edited January 2014
    Yes look at all of those tweets, if you read between the lines though 85% are responses to a direct question to Trent, see the @name, so not exactly the most forth coming. Also they don't get posted to anyone's timeline only the person who the @name. This unless you search Trent's timeline hour the #android you won't get anything.

    Also another disparity with the full steam ahead looked good didn't it, all the fixed that needed to be done for android but have ended up on every other platform first. Even Mac which did not even have a release date. So great all the android work is a great thing, no worries there.

    Unfortunately the stop happened, this ask focus and to release bg2 on PC and 1.2 patch. Only after that happened did the team, (and by that I mean Camdog), get back to looking into the android port and look not till October did they see the texture issues and with the Mali processor and the other 2 Gfx systems to desk with.

    So in a nut shell not a huge amount on info coming out from the team till pushed with direct questions.

    Still it's a new year, we can always how for a release soon...

    Let's face it for #Androd it's done when it's done when there is nothing else more important to do first...

    Edit -

    I forgot to say I've been following all the teams twitters ask linked from the website page since I joined more than a year ago.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Out2lunch, I've said this before in other topics: you can read between the lines however you want. That's why it's called reading between the lines. It's what the individual interprets from the message, and not necessarily based in fact.

    Out2lunch said:

    Yes look at all of those tweets, if you read between the lines though 85% are responses to a direct question to Trent, see the @name, so not exactly the most forth coming. Also they don't get posted to anyone's timeline only the person who the @name. This unless you search Trent's timeline hour the android you won't get anything.

    I've been getting the updates through my 'Home' page on Twitter, I assume that's what you mean by timeline; replies to other people are also being displayed, but Twitter only allows me to go back to Jan 1 at this time. That is a limitation with Twitter, and not a limitation on the news being given.

    Now you don't even need to go and search, since they're all conveniently located here.
    Out2lunch said:

    So in a nut shell not a huge amount on info coming out from the team till pushed with direct questions.

    In a nutshell, it is still information, regardless of how you would like to interpret 'between the lines'. It was said last year that we all had a choice (this is paraphrased, obviously): the team could either be here, giving us information, or they could be working on the game. Not exactly the post I was looking for, but Dee makes mention here in the first post. Twitter is a middle-ground. They could do what most developers do and not say anything at all about the game, and keep their Twitter accounts for personal use.
    Out2lunch said:

    Also another disparity with the full steam ahead looked good didn't it, all the fixed that needed to be done for android but have ended up on every other platform first. Even Mac which did not even have a release date. So great all the android work is a great thing, no worries there.

    Unless I'm very much mistaken, BG:EE wasn't originally destined for Android either—but it is something they wanted to do.

    In fact, it's said above that localisation will be after the Android release—so, with that in mind, all those people also venting their frustration that they don't have BG2:EE in their language (on every platform) can blame the work being done on Android. There is also the native Linux version (as an aside, I am one of the people still waiting in hope for that), which will only be done (if it gets done at all) after Android. Casting blame on iOS users and claiming favouritism, using words such as iHerd (to describe Apple users), does nothing to further the goal of a friendly community of fans. Just to put that into perspective for those who want to point fingers at other things being done first, and blaming those things for the hold-up. It works both ways, please be mindful of that. Beamdog is only a small team and they are doing what they can to deliver.

    Moreover, I can also read between the lines, "an iPad bug is also an Android bug." Between the lines: the bugs found and squashed in the Windows, Mac, and iOS will improve the Android version. For every negative side of the Android debate, there is a positive side.

    Anyway, this is not a topic to vent in. This a place to store the tweets for reference.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    Four more from Trent.
    @SF_XVII Cam is pushing hard on the Android beta to the people who signed up.
    3:57 PM - 7 Jan 14
    @SF_XVII The Android beta sign up is closed, as we had a good supply of interested people ;-)
    6:43 PM - 7 Jan 14
    @invaderrj Seriously, no one is paying anything for a delay. Android is serving up enough little bugs with #BGEE to keep us pretty occupied
    7:30 PM - 7 Jan 14
    @realepicurean I think developing for Android from scratch would be fine. Porting a windows 95 codebase, not so much ;-
    10:12 PM - 7 Jan 14

  • funkybuddafunkybudda Member Posts: 6
    "I think developing for Android from scratch would be fine. Porting a windows 95 codebase, not so much ;-"

    But it's perfect ok for them to porting a windows 95 code base to iOS? EPIC FAIL.

  • RavuletRavulet Member Posts: 14
    @funkybudda yes, it's "perfect". iOS is a really stable OS with a couple of versions running in one kind of smartphone and one or two kind of tablets.

    Android is a Linux based OS with a few different versions running i an epic number of smartphones, tablets, TV's, watches, mp3 players, cars, microwaves...

    Obviously is more difficult to launch an app for Android which runs in a great number of OS versions and a great number of Android gadgets with different hardware (so different drivers) than to launch it in iOS.

    And I'm an Android lover since the HTC Magic, with smartphones and tablets and GoogleTV at home.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @Ravulet, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is coming to a refrigerator near you! :D

  • RavuletRavulet Member Posts: 14
    Troodon80 said:

    @Ravulet, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is coming to a refrigerator near you! :D

    XDDD I want a toilet with it :p

  • FaydarkFaydark Member Posts: 276
    Whilst it is true that Android is running on a much wider variety of hardware configurations than iOS.. when it comes to "games that will be sold on the Google Play Store", that narrows it down to only a handful of versions of Android that matter, and considering Overhaul are (at least initially) only targeting tablets of a certain hardware level or better the amount of hardware (whilst still larger than iOS) is more than manageable.

    From what I understand, the major roadblock for Android was the apk format (which limits what you can do with the filesystem in ways that Win95 didn't), and then additional texture compression formats. The rest of it would be fairly similar code to iOS just #ifdef'ed for Android API.

    Anyhoo.. the hardware test beta is running as we speak.. so it's not too far off launching finally =D

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    edited January 2014
    #BG2EE is still not available in the @AppStore At his rate, #Android might make it out first.
    8:40 am - 13 Jan 2014
    @WelshKris87 I think #Android phablet #BGEE will be quite playable. You will need to give your eyes a rest periodically
    10:13 am - 15 Jan 2014
    @SDragon64 We're cooking on it. The users in our #Android Beta need another 53 successful completions in phase 1
    10:22 am - 17 Jan 2014
    @terminsane You are correct. We have one programmer working on Android right now. The other guy is flying back from Steam developer days.
    1:28 pm - 17 Jan 2014
    @terminsane At this moment he is making improvements suggest by Android users who are helping us move towards launch:
    1:31 pm - 17 Jan 2014

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