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So Jaheira killed Khalid... (Party AI question?)

In my new playthru I am a CG gnome illusionist/thief, I wanted a party of Minsc, Dynaheir, Ajantis, Branwen, and Rasaad. Well until I buffed my main guys up a bit I picked up Khalid and Jaheira until I was ready for the Gnoll Stronghold (despite how easy it is).

When I got to Nashkel and entered the inn, I proceeded to fight Neira, which was a rather drawn out battle that went through the whole inn, the exact events were a bit of a blur, I had party AI on and Ajantis was my party leader (for the CHA). Khalid, Rasaad, and Ajantis had Fighter Agressive Script, while Jaheira had Fighter Defensive Script.

Anyway after the battle I left the inn and attempted to quicksave but it wouldn't let me, I unpaused and saw Jaheira start bashing Khalid. Weird I thought, I told her to stop... which lasted for about a second before she very nearly beat him to death. I quickly turned off Party AI and she stopped. I figured this would be a good a place as any to drop them off since I was about to pick up Minsc anyway, so I reformed my party and left them behind. I'm still wondering what happened though?

The only thing I can think may have happened is some kind of charm or berserk spell hit Khalid, he attacked Ajantis, and Jaheira having the Defensive script tried to kill him due to him being party leader.

Has anyone had AI glitches like this before? I'm more amused than anything but a little concerned if such an event were to occur again. Khalid and Jaheira both had no current debuffs and were fully under my control (so to speak) when this happened, I thought Party AI only targetted allies who were under charm or confuse effects?


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