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[MOD] Spontaneous Casting For Clerics and Druids (v1.32)

PeccaPecca Member Posts: 2,017
edited March 2019 in General Modding
This mod adds spontaneous casting for clerics and druids, which is based on the idea of 3e spontaneous casting ability. It works with BG:EE, BG2:EE, IWD:EE and EET. As of version 1.3, it should also compatible with other mods that add cleric or druid spells and kits. This mod must be installed after such mods.

Spontaneous casting contains three innate abilities, that upon activating, transform all memorized divine spells of the caster to healing, harming or summoning spells of their respective levels. Good clerics receive spontaneous healing, evil clerics spontaneous harming, and neutral clerics both. Druids receive spontaneous summoning. This last for 6 hours or until the chosen divine spell is cast, then all spells are transformed back.

For this to work properly I had to add some new low-level spells. They are:
First level: Cause Light Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning I
Second level: Cause Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning II
Third level: Cause Medium Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning III

IWD:EE has its own low level cause and heal spells, so it only adds these summoning spells to the game.

Healing and harming spells are added to priests and summoning spells to druids repertoire as normal spells, that they can use.

When memorized spells are transformed, they change their icon into the respective spontaneous spells, but names of those spells remain. You can use tooltip to determine which spell are you going to cast spontaneously.
Spontaneous spells are:
1. level: Cause Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning I
2. level: Cause Moderate Wounds, Cure Moderate Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning II
3. level: Cause Medium Wounds, Cure Medium Wounds, Lesser Animal Summoning III
4. level: Cause Serious Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Animal Summoning I
5. level: Cause Critical Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds, Animal Summoning II
6. level: Harm, Heal, Animal Summoning III
7. level: Finger of Death, Resurrection, Conjure Earth Elemental

Note 1: Spontaneous spells can be cast immediately after spontaneous casting is activated. There is no pause between them, such as there usually is between spells. However, in the first round after activation, you can only cast divine spells, wizard spells (for cleric/mages) and innate abilities are disabled in that round. Also, because of this, when activated spontaneous casting will end Improved Alacrity spell cast by cleric/mage, as they both use the same mechanics.

In version 1.3, I added an optional component - Magic Fang spell. This adds two spells to all druids, Magic Fang and Greater Magic Fang. The first is a level 1 spell and adds a +1 to an attack and damage (as well as a +1 enchantment level to targeted summoned animal). The second is a level 3 spell and adds +1 enchantment per 4 caster levels (to the maximum of 5). Only animals summoned by all Animal Summoning spells (plus Conjure Animals) are affected by this spell (when they are, they glow green).

Download the mod from github and extract the zip file in the game's core folder (the one with a file "chitin.key" in it) and run "setup-spontaneous_casting.exe". You need to start a new game for your divine caster to receive spontaneous casting ability. Alternatively you can point a cursor over the caster and enter console command "C:AddSpell("rgspheal")" or "C:AddSpell("rgspharm")" or "C:AddSpell("rgspsumm")".

Important: If you purchased your BG:EE game from Steam or GoG and you have a SoD expansion installed as well, you need to first install DLC Merger before installing any mod.

Change log:

v1.1 (8.7.2014):
- contains polish and czech translation and also improved spell icons (old icons had some distorted colors)

v1.2 (27.11.2014):
- the mod now works with IWD:EE

v1.3 (1.3.2016)
- the mod is now compatible with other mods that add priest spells or kits

v1.31 (4.3.2016)
- added optional component - Magic Fang spell

v1.32 (24.5.2016)
- added italian translation

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