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Mage Stronghold won't trigger

Hey there,
I finished the Planar Sphere Quest as a sorcerer and after lavok vanished outside the sphere nothing happened. When I reneter the spehere the Splamnic Knight only say something like "yeah you survived the halflings" but no quest will start.... is there a cheat code with which I could trigger the Stronghold quest manually?


  • victory_rosevictory_rose Member Posts: 72
    edited February 2014
    Yeah, this happened in my last run too. Since I can't activate the CLUA Console without disabling my Icelandic keyboard, I couldn't spawn Sergeant Natula and had in fact given the quest up as lost. Went to Spellhold and did the Underdark thing. And then when I got back, I just happened to notice Sergeant Natula standing there (don't remember where, exactly) but he did not approach me or do anything. Still, when I spoke to him, the rest of the Stronghold quest triggered. It did mean that since I was so close to the end of the game, I never got any potions from my apprentice (forget his name).

    Edit: my bad, I didn't read your post well enough; obviously, I was further into the quest than you are, or rather aren't. Sorry.

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  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    @Gate70 I'm not familiar with the Planar Sphere.
    IIRC you have to wait for a Cowled Wizard talk to you and then you have to choose what to do with the knights. you can go to Ribald and pay him 9k to send a Mage to help you return them to their plane of origin.

  • shadysandshadysand Member Posts: 2
    edited February 2014
    I finally found a solution. My Problem was that Lavok died immediatly after I brought him out of the sphere... You either need a "Lavok.dlg" file or the "Gibberlings 3 Baldur's Gate 2 Fixpack". I used the fixpack and et voila: Lavok didn't just die but instead finally gave me the stronghold!

    @Gate70 I am a sorcerer

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