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Is it possible to give text-patch community members credit alongside the French Translation Team ?

La_VoixLa_Voix Member, Translator (NDA) Posts: 772
edited August 2012 in General
There is a mod hosted by the internet community 'La Couronne de Cuivre' that fixes a great deal of mistakes in the French dialog.tlk of Baldur's Gate. This mod was created years ago by various members (who were based on reports by the whole community), and is currently still maintained. The list of the mistakes and their fixes included in this mod would help us tremendously in our work, and I contacted the person currently in charge of it. He said he may agree for us to use the list and the text fixes, provided that the community of La Couronne de Cuivre, or at least the main contributors of the mod, are credited alongside the French Translation team.

My question is : is this possible ?



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