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Thalantyr Dialogue

mzorichmzorich Member Posts: 34
Just a small, not-that-important feature request regarding Thalantyr.

Every time you talk to him, you have to have the same dialogue which goes something like: "I hear there is a powerful mage out here, is that you"... "there is no mage here that wants to be talked about or talked to". After the initial dialogue, I think it would make more sense to have a more simple exchange, something like "oh, it's you again"... "yeah, we want to buy/sell more magical items". Kind of like the dialogue with the merchant in Nashkel (which I think you guys enhanced in BG:EE because I don't remember it being the way in the past).

No major deal of course, but something to consider if you have the time.



  • mzorichmzorich Member Posts: 34
    Hahaha... well played.

    I just realized that my request may violate their agreement not to alter any old NPC's dialogue, so that may be why this was never "enhanced". Either way, not a big deal.

  • lightbringer32lightbringer32 Member Posts: 19
    At risk of necro, but in case someone finds this topic like I did -- looking for info about his dialogue, post 2.5 ...

    I think Beamdog may have done exactly that in v2.5. He now only says "Rumors? Bah! ..." the first time you talk to him. Problem is, the Thalantyr Item Upgrade mod injects its functionality within the "Rumors?" dialogue tree -- so you never see it again after the first time.

    Hopefully whoever is maintaining that mod will repair it. In the meantime, simply editing the dialogue action in Near Infinity to SetGlobal("RumorTalkThalan","GLOBAL",0) will solve the issue.

    ... and once again impose Thalantyr's silly game on the player xD

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