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Baldur`s gate MEME Thread * Spoilers all over the place*

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Did a quick search for meme on the forum and could`nt find any thread so i thought i`d make one to se what madness bounces around in BG fans heads.

(yeah, shows the quality of humour when it needs to come with instructions, I hate Noober.)

Edit 2. It`s been explained several times through the thread so i`m posting it here too. Hopefully you`ll remember where to find it. ;)
To post you`re own MEME`s, copy the link and past it into this one witout the "`s.
<img src="">

Quickmeme will give you a link like this This will show up as the word image unless you
add "i." after // and a ".jpg" on the end.

edited as per @Son_of_Imoen`s suggestion.
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