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Sword coast roleplay - One sentence per post



  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    Suddenly, Taerom Fuiruim materialized through a portal and gives his spiel about making armor out of Ankheg shells, leaving the party wondering why his establishment isn't larger due to the profit of 19,500 gold pieces he makes from every ankheg shell he purchases from adventurers.
  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287
    edited January 2016
    Thus Taerom Fuiruim became the first to popularize the "portal marketing" technique.
  • Shrake907Shrake907 Member Posts: 38
    After a critical arrow to an Ankheg's face, Kivan attempts to fashion a crude suit of armor out of the Ankheg Shell - he lacks the expertise of a proper Blacksmith and it's of no use, the party swears a high pitched "Haw Haw" echoed in their minds.
  • NimranNimran Member Posts: 4,875
    The party looks around to find a squirrel with a very peculiar-looking ring laughing at them.
  • JamesGoblinJamesGoblin Member Posts: 4
    Meantime, hidden deep inside her atomic shelter, squirrel was cynically enjoying another box of chocolate ice cream.
  • Eadwyn_G8keeperEadwyn_G8keeper Member Posts: 541
    squirrel is actually a purplish projection of Giada d' Aiello who is looking for some fresh Ankheg Meat, now that Kivan has so adroitly removed the awkward shell, because she wants to make Ankheg Meat one of the amazing secret ingredients on the finale of ~ "Chopped: The Extreme Version".....
  • LadyRhianLadyRhian Member Posts: 14,694
    The adventurers proceed to go "Extermination with Extreme Prejudice" on the Ankhegs and end up with a pile of shells and a pile of much squishier Ankheg, with a "squirrel with a ring" chaser.
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