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Adding Innate Abilities

HeinrichHeinrich Member Posts: 188
This is very simple modding I want to do but can't seem to figure how to work it properly.

I want to play as a Monk that can cast certain mage and priest spells in the Innate Abilities section but I cannot find a way to make it work. I recall in another thread that EEKeeper couldn't do it properly due to it not being able to alter a certain file that dictates Innate Ability amounts. I am unsure where or what that particular file is.

I also tried to make copies of the spells and altered them to be innate but my Monk is unable to cast them. It does not show up in the innate abilities section after editing and adding them through EEKeeper or NearInfinity.

Is there a way to make a Monk cast spells this way? All I have is NearInfinity.jar and EEKeeper and I have no idea how to use Weidu.

Thanks in advanced.


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