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Character build questions / ideas (cheese)

With the android version finally available (yay!), I am to start my latest and greatest playthrough of the saga. I am new to the enhanced editions (well met!), but not to bg in general. I have always liked the character building and planning aspect of the game for some reason, and I tend to like stretching the rules, too. I have a few ideas in my mind but I'm not sure if they work (in EE, or at all, it's been some time), so I thought it's better to ask if they work now rather than finding out knee deep in the story.

First concept: Kensai / Thief specializing in 2-handed
- does the kensai bonus applies to 2 handed swords (think it should)?
- can 2 handed swords backstab?
- is UAI still in the game, so will be able to equip Carsomir eventually?

Second: Some flavour of Cleric / Thief
- can they equip swords with UAI?
- can they backstab with blunts?

Third: Ranger / Cleric (haven't played it yet):
- can they still cast both cleric and druid spells?

Fourth: Some dual / multi class of a ranged fighter / spellcaster
I like this idea, it should be a natural fit, but I'm not sure about the class. Could be an archer/cleric but would be limited to slings (also depends on the above q). Or a thief/mage variant, preferably dualed swashbuckler. Or a plain fighter/mage of some sort. Not sure.

I'm also open to new ideas and mods (though I'm not sure if they work on droid).

Thanks in advance for any input!



  • badbromancebadbromance Member Posts: 238
    Heya L4z!

    I will leave the other options to others to answer but I will preach about my favorite choice: The Cleric/thief.

    I personally don't like to duel class but if you don't want to backstab a Swashbuckler-cleric duel woukd be strong.

    That leaves 2 choices who are both great!

    Half Orc multi. Wow with 19 strength and plenty of buff spells you will have an easier time landing bqckstabs early and they will hurt. Skill points will be low to start off with but the dex tome and the spell Draw Upon Holy Might will help out. Useful buff spell and good to boost thief thats too.

    Gnome multi: My personal choice. Start with a decent bonus for racial thieving points and great shorty saves. The str tome late game will bring you up to the Half Orc with backstabbing and again DUHM buffing dex helps you branch out a little more with thief points!

  • meaglothmeagloth Member Posts: 3,806
    edited April 2014
    You can only backstab with the weapons thieves can use, so club and quarterstaff can, but no other blunts. Clerics/ranger is an old cheese class, because yes, they can cast both. UAI is definitely still there, and you should be able to equip anything, but you won't be able to put prof. points in any large sword with the cleric/thief, so it won't really be super effective thac0-wise by the Time you get UAI. Most people do axes or daggers for a kensai, because they can use the throwing version of these weapons, and the pus get past the no-missile limitation.

    Oh, and welcome to the forums;)

  • mumumomomumumomo Member Posts: 635
    All of your concepts have 1 thing in common : they are OP (all multi tend to be).
    The worst of the 3 is the ranger/cleric with its ability to cast both cleric and druid spells.

    As for your 2H kensai, Quarterstaff is a better choice since they can backstab and have some very nice weapon selection (staff +3 in BG1, staff +4 early BG2, staff of the ram) Uou can also combine with staff of the magi for extra cheese.

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