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Bard stronghold bug

KraakenDazsKraakenDazs Member Posts: 14
So i've been having issues with the bard stronghold. Ive been using the multi-stronghold mod, so might as well mention that first in case it's an issue, but ive spoken to a few bard-players who mentionned this to be a frustrating, common issue, and the mod has worked on every other stronghold in the game. I'm guessing at this point its not really a dev-side ''bug'' per se, but im hoping nonetheless someone clua-savvy can answer my problem. If its not the right board for this, my apologies.

Basically, Raelis Shae never gave me the playhouse deed. I've consoled-in samuel thunderbump's appearance in the theater in order to get things running, which seemed to work. Higgold appeared, i hired him, 3 days later his fetch-boy went and informed me i was being summoned.

I returned to the Flagons to an empty playhouse, and Higgold doesnt appear, nor do the actresses, etc.

Anyone knows what variable to enter into the console to fix this problem and move the stronghold along? im guessing there was a global variable to update that i wasn't able to find through google-fu. That turmish play's cursed! :P

Thanks to anyone who can help me make it work!


  • KraakenDazsKraakenDazs Member Posts: 14
    oh and to anyone involved in the dev of the enhanced edition: THANK YOU. This has brought me so much nostalgia hehe. Despite the few bugs and occurences (Im guessing inheriting 14 year old code comes with a few expected headaches) it's been an almost smooth-sailing ride and the replay value is just awesome.

    'Just needed to say it, and stuff. :P

  • CrevsDaakCrevsDaak Member Posts: 7,135
    If you are using any mods, uninstall them and then see if this continues happening. I would guess that it is mod related, since you are using a mod that changes several aspects form this quest.

  • KraakenDazsKraakenDazs Member Posts: 14
    yeah well im pretty sure the culprit is another tweak mod. I hardly remember the name, but a banter mod that allows for further away characters to chime in on conversations. Made Raelis Shae not recognize me as the main character/bard , so she never gave me the deed.

    Sadly, ive since then moved much further along the game, and i can hardly fix that part, which is why im hoping for a console variable fix, and not mentionning this is probably *not* a bug on the dev-side of things.

    Im hoping to CLUA my way back into the quest, otherwise ill settle for my memories of the quest and a Console-made Azlaer's Harp :P

    If not, its probably my fault for modding the game ;)

  • hook71hook71 Member, Developer Posts: 563
    edited April 2014
    You can try with:

    Don't know if it is enough though.

  • Troodon80Troodon80 Member, Developer Posts: 4,110
    @KraakenDazs, a console command has been provided above this post. I'm going to move this to the Not an Issue category because it sounds more like a modding issue. If you ever get a chance to try out this same thing again but with a clean and un-modded installation/save game, post again and someone will take another look at it. If the above code don't fix the issue, we can try and examine more variables for you to try.

  • KraakenDazsKraakenDazs Member Posts: 14
    The event triggered, thanks a ton hook71!

    And ty Troodon as well, so far it seems like the problem's fixed and is indeed a Not an Issue :)

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