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Keldorn's quest reset, stuck in selection sound loop (possibly due to dying/being resurrected)

As per the title. Keldorn was killed (and promptly resurrected) in the temple area just before the Underdark Exit. After the cutscene with Eldar, he started making repeated selection sounds every three seconds or so, stopping in his tracks every time he did so. The problem persisted until I entered the Government District, where his "Ohh, the sweet air of home" dialogue was triggered, adding his personal quest to my journal. The only problem is that I already completed the quest in Chapter 2 and his family is long gone.

This is not the first time I've had this issue. The same problem appeared after Keldorn was killed in the fight with Demogorgon (likewise in Ch.2), but I then assumed it was specific to that situation. Though I haven't tested it, it seems that this bug arises every time Keldorn dies and is resurrected.

The issue I am facing is similar to the Anomen Keeps Making Selection Noises bug described in this thread.


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,604
    This is because all local variables for a NPC are lost on death (issue 7190). If you have a save from shortly before this time you can use EE Keeper to copy his variables (bottom of affects tab) from that save into the one you've attached here. Or attach the earlier save and someone here will oblige.

    Alternately, replay the encounter and hope he doesn't die.

  • BalladBallad Member Posts: 197
    Oh, wow! Well, this explains a lot; I've noticed other NPC's repeating their dialogues/banters after dying, but nothing so severe as to be game-breaking. Anyway, thanks for making this clear and hope it gets fixed in the next patch.

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