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Permanently blind

Dorn and Korgan are both blind. They don't have the blind icon on their portraits to indicate blindness but they are definitely blind and I can't seem to fix it.

I looked around on the net for some answers and there was an old bug in bg2 where holy smite could leave evil aligned characters permanently blind but it was also suggested that dispel or remove curse could still fix the problem; in my case i have tried dispel magic, remove curse and even revive the characters after they have died... nothing works.

initially i thought it was an AI script bug as they would not attack or follow scripts but I found out later that they are following their scripts it's just that they can't see so they won't go attack anyone who isn't directly next to them. If I send either of them out ahead of the group to scout it becomes apparent that they cant see anything that isn't directly beside them as they do not scout at all.

since they are both melee fighters it isn't the end of the world but it does mean i have to micro manage them in every fight ever and can't send either of them out ahead of the group and it is very much driving me nuts. I also of course tried reloading and relaunching the game.



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