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Bound By Flame

chrstnmonkschrstnmonks Member Posts: 176
Check it out. Cool looking new game. Think I'll order it.



  • FredjoFredjo Member Posts: 477
    Does look very good indeed!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 20,945
    Good find, @chrstnmonks‌ , thanks for sharing. 7/10

    "The role-playing systems that support the combat in Bound By Flame are simple, but quite effective. Your character has three skill trees, labeled Warrior, Ranger, and Pyromancer, but effectively serving as a slow sword, fast daggers, and spells. Combat stances can be toggled on-the-fly mid-battle, with your selection of fire spells being available in both.

    Bound By Flame creates a bleak fantasy world, which it attempts to fill with a grimy, cynical perspective and dark humor. Sadly, neither the writing or voice acting are strong enough to quite pull off these ambitious storytelling goals. Its mercenaries are unsurprisingly profane and written to be amusingly juvenile, but their bawdy insults and nasty jokes are only clever half the time.The other half they fall flat thanks to wildly inconsistent voice acting and writing, which often wind up being unintentionally amusing." 70/100

    "Bound By Flame has all the pieces and parts that typify a Western action RPG: meditative combat, exploration, loot, skill trees, crafting, companions, side quests, and all the rest. The systems are in place, but the mechanics are primitive and underdeveloped. The building blocks of the simple narrative are generic, perfunctory, even rushed. Indeed, the entire game feels like something epic suddenly put to death. Characters mention seven villains and a conflict consuming the world that implies something grand, but just one of those villains shows up in the game's three short acts. In the end, Bound By Flame feels brief, small, insignificant... forgettable.

    Demonic or human, the protagonist is one of the cruelest and most unlikeable heroes I've played. In fact, he's such a bastard that he's almost likeable in a campy kind of way: he's arrogant, misogynistic, mean-spirited, violent, fickle, and sarcastic." 2/5

    "There’s also a slight party-based tactical system put into play, but you’re only allowed to bring one other person with you. It feels strange having four other party members at camp when you’re frolicking with only one. The artificial intelligence on party members is also down right frustrating as the number of times they’ve gotten stuck on the environment is uncountable at this point. I’ve also found that, even with a defend strategy put into place, the chances of them dying is significantly high. This means that the constrained party system as it is, is mainly used to draw agro rather do any good. Their companionship is limited enough with only one being allowed in a party at any given time, let alone them being nearly useless in battle.

    Bound by Flame is a charming RPG that’s fundamentally and mechanically flawed. Combat lacks variation and can be downright frustrating at times thanks to the poor auto-save system, and the countless bugs encountered only drag the game down. It doesn’t help that the story and script are both poorly executed, failing to capitalize on emotional setups and disconnecting characters from their surroundings. With that said, there are some strong customizable aspects to weapons and armor, and the challenging combat can add to the game’s attraction. It’s fortunate that gamers are not bound to this by any means because, while Bound by Flame has heart, it ends up being a forgettable dull experience."

  • KamigoroshiKamigoroshi Member Posts: 5,839
    Kind of felt like a fiery version of Game of Thrones, albeit much less mature. But don't get me started on that ending... urgh!

  • chrstnmonkschrstnmonks Member Posts: 176
    I did order it and am playing it and having alot of fun. Combat does take some getting used too. The crafting system is great and traps are acutally useful. Creatures are pretty unique looking. It is worth a try.

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