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I'm having trouble triggering Neera's Romance.

ZyzzogetonZyzzogeton Member Posts: 526
I recruited her, kicked her out right away, then later on put her back. Rested outside the FAI (force talking every 24 hours) until she gave me the Adoy quest. Kicked her out. Went straight to Ulcaster, went south, opned up Adoy's enclave. Went there, finished the quest, went to the FAI, but remembered I forgot the Girdle of M/F in a container in Beregost so I went there and headed back to the FAI.

Put the Girdle of M/F on my Female Protagonist. Put Neera back into my party. Did the rest, force talk until 14 days past.

Since I don't have BG EE on the PC, here's the stuff related to Neera from the Global Variables tag in EE Keeper.

I added NEERA_ROMANCE in thinking it would trigger the first dialogue but nothing. It originally wasn't there. I rested for 1 day, forced talked to Neera and still nothing.

If it helps my current game time is 139 days and 20 hours (I put her back in my party at 124 days 20 hours, don't have a record of when she gave me the quest but I have her accidents happen entry at 112d/1h and the quest completion at 121d/18h) . I assume I took too long to put her back into my party after completing her quest? Would editing NEERAROMANCETIMER fix this? If so, what value should I use?

Also I seem to have forgotten to post this in the BG:EE section, and I can't seem delete this topic so I can repost it there.

Edit: Ugh, apparently the problem fixed itself after I rested once more(with the NEERA_ROMANCE edited save) for a total of an extra 1d8h after editing the file. I tried using my unedited file, rested 1d8h and nothing. Don't know why an extra 8hours solved it when 1 day didn't.

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 21,996
    All it well that ends well ;)

    I'm glad your problem is solved.

    Just FYI, you can edit your OP (Options - Edit) and while editing, you can change the category where you want your discussion to be placed. This way you don't need to delete any topic and/or repost it.

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