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Global Variables for Romances

I'm playing BGEE for the first time (having played my old BG CDs to death - literally!) I've got both Neera and Dorn in my team. I'm up to Chapter 3, but I've only had the very occasional platonic comment from either of them. When do the romances start, and how can I actually tell if they have started. There don't seem to be any global variables with Romance in their titles. Should I have them?


  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,427
    Just to let you know - I had some more time so I played a bit more. After I had done the first stage of Dorn's quest GV's appeared for Dorn romance; and the same happened with Neera after I agreed to do her quest.
  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 22,515
    Hello, @kiwidoc‌

    New NPCs in BG:EE don't have a RomanceActive variable.



    These will show you the situation:

    A value of 1 or 2 indicates that the romance is in progress.

    Also check:
  • kiwidockiwidoc Member Posts: 1,427
    Thanks Bengoshi. I use EE Keeper to read the variables, as it allows me to skim through all the variables associated with one NPC at once. I've been so used to reading the same variables again and again on NPC romance mods, I forgot that the official NPC variables could be different.
  • JLEJLE Member Posts: 55
    Actually, it looks like there are 2 different romance variables here that JuliusBorisov appears to have confused.

    Right now, my NEERAROMANCEACTIVE variable is 2, while NEERA_ROMANCE is 3.

    In the original game, ($LOVER)RomanceActive showed the state of the romance - 1 = beginning, 2 = they officially love you, 3 = broken up or permanently ruined your chances: while ($Lover)Romance was part of the timer towards the next LoveTalk.

    (Which suggests to me that Neera and I are in love, and that my timer - if it's a countdown that should reach 1 eventually - is fairly close? As far as I remember Neera hasn't actually told me the "story" she said she was going to tell me: she did in a prior instance but then I reverted to a previous savefile upon discovering that some items were missing and I couldn't track where they'd gone.)

    Also, "LoveTalk" was in the original game a LOCALS variable, specific to the character you had clicked on. But - for the EE characters at least - it seems to have now mutated into a GLOBAL variable, but with the lover's name attached (e.g. "NeeraLoveTalks"), showing how far you'd got in the lovetalks progress (mine is currently at 31: normally, being an odd number was the "waiting time" between lovetalks, then going to an even number meant that the next lovetalk was imminent - provided that its other conditions were met, if there were other conditions, such as "just rested in wilderness" for a number of Jaheira's (it would happen immediately if there were no such conditions, if I recalle correctly). Also, the final goal of each lovetalk sequence was, in the original game, meant to be an even number - when it got to the end of the sequence and the timer incremented it by 1, but there were no further lovetalks to be had until the scripted ones in Throne of Bhaal.
  • JLEJLE Member Posts: 55
    Oh, AHA. I see. I was mistaken above.

    Neera_Romance is the BG1 variable. And in BG1, "3" means "successfully ended the sequence" rather than "killed it off for good" (for which BG1 uses "-1"). So that was left over from BG1, when carried over into BG2, and is now redundant, but left in the savefile because why delete a good variable.

    NeeraRomanceActive is the BG2 variable. Where "3" means "killed off for good". I assume that if I'd finished BG1 with a "Neera_Romance = -1", it would logically have converted directly to a "NeeraRomanceActive = 3" and given no chance to start the BG2 romance. But since it was at a different stage, ANY different stage, it allowed the BG2 romance to start, and I've reached pretty much the end of it here until I get to TOB.

    I guess there are further weirdnesses: Neera, Dorn and Rasaad have romances of a sort in BG1, but I believe the BG1 endings of all of these - and the Siege of Dragonspear characters, some of whom are romanceable themselves in there but do not recur in BG2 - is somewhat inconclusive, allowing for a different romance partner in BG2 even if the original character is carried over and re-encountered in BG2: meanwhile original BG1 didn't have romances at all. Viconia had a friendship dialogue of sorts that wasn't a romance: Jaheira was happily married to Khalid: Anomen and Aerie didn't exist: and none of the other original characters could romance the player, though some mods allowed this to happen, I did a Shar-Teel romance with a previous character, there is definitely a Xan one and an Ajantis, I think there's a Kivan too, and somebody somewhere must have written a Safana and a Coran - though canonically in game they flirted with each other, as did Skie and Eldoth until they broke up. There's even a Dynaheir romance mod which assums that Dynaheir's relationship with Minsc is not romantic, and she is therefore "available" (albeit possibly with Minsc threatening to beat you up if you mistreat her).
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