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[(BG2, BGEE) bug] Double saves (0824)

CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,420
edited September 2012 in Fixed
A few last spell touch-ups. The extra 6d6 of damage for undead allows a save vs. spell, but there shouldn't be a save at all. The 'Controlled' string for control undead and the visuals for hold & control undead are forcing two saves. Removing the Sol save and the double save messages for hold & control:
// removing saves from effs; save chances already handled by the spell file
COPY_EXISTING ~UDEAD66.EFF~ ~override~ // Sol's +6d6 deep-fry (undead only, no save)
~UNDCHSTR.EFF~ ~override~ // control undead, save already in spell file
~UNDCHVIS.EFF~ ~override~ // hold, control undead, save already in spell file
WRITE_LONG 0x40 0x0

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