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Southpaw. The one, the only. Adventures of the Bounty Hunting Mindflayer.

CaloNordCaloNord Member Posts: 1,807
edited July 2014 in BG:EE Mods
Well. I believe I did threaten this, and since no one stopped me.

I may have made a start. Be it a VERY minor one.
In the Candlekeep inn, there stands a tall, stunning Mindflayer.

He has no real dialogue yet, not are his stats and abilities final, however, this is a skeleton of what is to come. What I would like to do, over a very long time period, is a full usable, relatively funny and unique NPC with a full banter set and a lot of interjections.That is still a LONG way off and I will require a fair amount of tips and tricks as my dialogue writing skills are... uninspired, to say the least. Even where he is standing isn't where he will end up when I get around to finishing it, but at the moment, it's a start.

(I have a thing for Mindflayers. Deal with it.)

@Southpaw‌ mayyyy want to see this... possibly...

EDIT: If you guys wanna play around with him in his current state, be my guest. He was more uploaded for the funsies value at the moment. I will keep updating him over the coming days and weeks. :)

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