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Post-Sarevok Save Bug

alastair93alastair93 Member Posts: 117
Hi there,

So I just finished BG:EE on the iPad and beat Sarevok. When I killed him, I got a message saying that a Final Save had been made, so that I could import my save into BG2:EE.

However, I've booted up BG2:EE and I can't find a way to load the saved game into it. I've searched these forums and people have posted complex workarounds using third-party software, but the message I got when I finished BG1 didn't really mention any of this. It seemed to imply that I could just load the game into BG2:EE directly, without any fuss.

Am I missing something obvious? I did try exporting the character very quickly before the game ended (and after beating Sarevok), and this seems to work, but I'm worried that this will introduce some sort of bugs. E.g. if it will import all the quest data, romance data etc.

Any help would be hugely appreciated!!


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