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Stupid BG Tricks

Feel free to add you own idiocy.

Has anyone else ever knocked out a cow, just to be sure you could?

How about a bear? (I don't recommend this, unless you are EXTREMELY well protected, and have 18/91+ strength.)



  • Demonoid_LimewireDemonoid_Limewire Member Posts: 424
    "Do bears *s_it in the woods"? Of course they do, and it is very unwise to disturb them, while doing so... Bears can make short work on you, especially at early levels. They are best to be avoided, passed by at a decent distance, or even fly away from them, once their circle becomes red. Much like a bear in real life, those creatures are deadly, unpredictable, and do not hesitate to strike you with heavy blows, especially if you walk near their area. And especially if they have babies. And especially if they are hungry.

    My most idiotic thing ever, was to attack Gorion, and Tethtoril. First time i touched the game, i made a dwarf fighter, and i tried to do the "diablo gameplay". Which is cut down everything on sight, if you can mouse click them. Brrr, the most idiotic thing i ever did, really. NEVER attack those two.
  • BlackravenBlackraven Member Posts: 3,483
    edited July 2014
    My Beastmaster Ranger once (accidentally) charmed the horses in the stables near the Cloakwood Mine entrance. Fooled Rezdan and Kysus she did. The wizards wasted their spells on the horses and weren't a threat to her anymore when they were done with the horses. And they say mages are smart...
    She did feel sorry about the horses though.

    Edit: Ninja'd by @PlasticGolem :(
    Slow internet...
  • dreamriderdreamrider Member Posts: 417
    !@#$%^ reckless Ranger infested badlands! :)
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