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Problem with Cespenar. And it`s not the shadow dragon scale..

TheMangasTheMangas Member Posts: 3
edited August 2014 in Not An Issue
I`ve iniated the ToB and i`ve plenty of craftable itens, inclusive the ones in watcher kepp, after cespenar crafted the first item, independently what it is, when i go talk to him he just says Enjoy!!! Now cespenar is going back to his duties,etc,etc... And i can`t craft anymore itens.. I rested, i`ve been in saradush, it pass few days, and he just says that... Anyone had this problem??? Anyone can help??


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,595
    Is your game modded at all?

    You could try checking this variable in the console;
    C:GetGlobal("ItemMaker", "GLOBAL")

    It should be something like zero, to reset it the command is;
    C:SetGlobal("ItemMaker", "GLOBAL", 0)

    Alternately you could do this in EE Keeper or zip and attach a save for someone to have a look at.

  • TheMangasTheMangas Member Posts: 3
    Sorry, what do you mean by modded?

    Oh, and i`m playing BG 2, not BG 2 EE..
    If you now a place that i can post this, cus i don`t find at all..

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,595
    edited August 2014
    There are lots of custom add-ons that change content, known as mods. If you have just installed the game your game is not modded.

    What version of the game have you got (4 SoA + 1 ToB disk, 1 SoA + 1 ToB disk, GoG, etc). The disk ones are generally unpatched while GoG is patched. Installing a SoA patch over a ToB game will break it & require a re-install.

    The console commands will still work if you add Debug Mode to your baldur.ini file as below.
    [Program Options]
    Debug Mode=1

    Or you could use ShadowKeeper game editor to check.

    Finally I'm going to move this out of the main area and namedrop you so you know where it is.

  • TheMangasTheMangas Member Posts: 3
    Uh, that`s to complicated for me..

    But in the game when i find the craftable itens i use the cluaconsole to have them..
    It`s a pitty cus Cespenar is very funy when looking trought my stuffs.

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