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A few Hexxat problems (obvious spoilers)

Okay I was having a blast with the (real) Hexxat, and I think I learned how her death/regeneration worked. Then in the epic shodown with the Shade Lord, she was struck down with a Finger of Death. (I think a vampiress should be immune to this spell, too.) and then after the battle, she never regenerated and came out of her coffin. Her portrait was there but all grayed out. I rested for days and nada, as a last ressort I had Jaheira use Harper's Call on her grayed out portrait, she was raised and she died immediately and formed the gas cloud. This time, after 8 hours she regenerated normally. Is this a bug, as is, when slain by an insta kill attack Hexxat needs to be raised from the dead first? I wonder what happens if she gets disintegrated, will she be gone for good like normal NPCs?

Other problem. I had Neera with me and we raided the Red Wizard Enlcave in Waukeen's Promenade. Wow, that was a brutal fight. I think SCS is to blame but the merchant wizards in the entrance forced me a reload. (I play minimal reload and have reloaded only once up to that point.) My party was confused and finished off by Gul Dukeem's Horrid Wilting. My pc (an invoker specialised in ice magic) was cornered by enemy guards and mages, but he was invisible. So I waited for the buffs of mages to expire, (one mage used Oracle but I re-invisibled) and then blasted off with a cone of cold that killed the closely knit guards and 2 of the merchant mages, shattering them into frozen chunks. (yay!) Gul Dukeem got me with an Incendiary Cloud, however. (I think he is an invoker with scs too)

So I was pissed off and reloaded. This time, Neera bit it with a chromatic orb that petrified her and she was shattered afterwards:gone forever. I did not reload, I was a bit curious how the Neera plot would play out with Neera gone forever. It makes a dramatic story too, she was all hot, angry and crazy to kill the red wizards, but she was the first to be struck down when the battle started. Anyway, trouble is she was carrying Hexxat's Cloak and all her items are now gone. I had hoped the cloak was marked as 'quest item' so was immune to disintegrate/petrification but apparently, this was not the case.

We avenged Neera, this time I was more prepared and Jaheira's Insect Plague wrecked the merchant mages. Gul Dukeem was neutral this time too (selected another dialogue option) and we finished off others. I ordered drinks three times to cause a revolt in the bar and ran like chickens, the mercenaries killed off the red wizards, though they suffered heavy casualties as well. (it was interesting to see AI vs AI action there) I scouted where Lenneth was and bombarded her with Ice Storms and Cloudkills from afar, she panicked, pleaded and retreated into inner chamber. Managed to charm/dominate a few guards and killed her off in the end, though she was very, very smart:running around the enclave, casting stoneskin/mirror image as I breached her, and taking pot shots with her wand of paralysation:that felt like fighting a real, thinking human being:I believe it is thanks to SCS?

Anyway, after the battle, I saved what wild mages I could, and now Neera gone, and Hexxat's cloak gone, she dies when she is out in the sun. This makes her mighty unplayable,and I was thinking on doing her quests. Is there no way to keep her alive in the light now? I guess I can travel only at night but that is not very convenient.


  • TressetTresset Member, Moderator Posts: 7,993
    Good catch with the Hexxat bug! It looks like she gets broken when instakilled. I will make a report of it.

    You will probably have to create a new cloak with the console. I am not sure why the cloak is not marked as plot but it probably should be.

  • lunarlunar Member Posts: 3,410
    I am on Ipad so console is not there. I can transfer my save game to pc and edit with EEkeeper or open up in pc game and add the cloak via console, and then transfer back to Ipad. But I feel kinda lazy to do that right now, heh. No other item or consequence in her quests to make her daywalk, then? Well..

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