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Hexxat's character model did not 'change back' (not the smoke issue)

Spoiler warning: This occurred after chapter 4.

Hexxat, for some reason, never changed back from a drow after the Silver Dragon's quest. I believe there is an active script running causing this effect, as if I used the debug model swap (ctrl+6), it will change then instantly change back to a Drow model.

Any ideas what cause this/ how to correct this?


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,612
    edited August 2014
    Did Hexxat get taken down to 1hp during her disguise (& did she fail to retreat to her bag). I can reproduce on that basis but want to make sure it sounds like the likely cause.

    & if so, editing the game in EE Keeper to remove UDGIRL from her local variables looks like it should restore her. I tried and she turned to cloud form so had to then reform party, choosing dialogue 1,1 to accept her straight back in and the was then OK. A bit convoluted.

    Note for self/Troodon/Tresset. Hexxat not retreating to her bag looks to have been addressed elsewhere, perhaps issue 7208 so no need for a bug report? Will PM more detail.

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  • WarbossWarboss Member Posts: 4
    hrm... I am not sure. To be honest I was not aware it was the case until I made it to the surfice and noticed her model looked the way it did.

    Actually yes, at one point in the UD she did go into her indestructible 1hp mode (after a barrage of beholder rays, not sure if that is relevant). I don't know that this was her state at the time I visited the SilverDr

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,612
    Don't think it needs to be, dropping to a trigger point seems enough even if you then rest and heal etc. before returning to Adalon.

  • WarbossWarboss Member Posts: 4
    Any suggestions on a fix? Is there a particular script that needs to be stopped?

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,612
    I put what seems to workaround earlier, it wasn't straightforward so feel free to zip & attach a save here.

  • WarbossWarboss Member Posts: 4
    ah sorry i did not see the edit.

    If they are related issues then probably no need to file. Thanks for the help!

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