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Custom Portrait Help

I require a Custom Portrait for my CN Dragon Disciple.
The Original Portrait I used is Edwin's Portrait from Vanilla BG1, because that is the closest to how is probably looks, as he wears Orange-Ish and Reddish Clothing, but feel free to change that robe color, as I can easily change it myself.
1. Zaram is vibrant, and usually likes to think positive (usually) so don't give him any dull colors if you decide to change the colors he wears.
2. Despite the Fact that Zaram is trigger happy with his breath weapon ability, I'd prefer him not to be breathing fire in his portrait.
3. Zaram is fairly arrogant, so a smirk would be really nice :)
4. Zaram is pretty greedy too, but Gold in the mix. Anyway you like, surprise me.
5. Zaram's Familiar (A Cat) on his shoulder is Mandatory. Because that's just cute :P

If you can give me some instruction as to how to install this picture as well, that would be very kind of you


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