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[Known, #9270/#9278] Hit Dice of Conjured Air/Lesser Fire Elementals from Spells are Incorrect

PhaetonPhaeton Member Posts: 42
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
According to the description of Conjure Air Elemental spell, there are 60% chance that it summons 12HD Air Elemental, but actually it summons 8HD (HP 64) air elemental instead of it. Other Conjure Fire/Earth Elemental spells of the same spell level summon 12HD (HP 96) elementals correctly. So I think it's a bug.

And according to the description of Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental spell, it should summon 8HD fire elemental, but actucally it summons 12HD (HP 96) fire elemental. Other Conjure Lesser Earth/Air Elemental spells of the same spell level summon 8HD (HP 64) elementals correctly. So it's a bit overpowered.

I think two spells summon wrong creature files respectively.

I play BG2:EE 1.2 steam version and wish you would check it out.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,687
    edited August 2014
    Looking at this I believe the below is the current / expected situation.
    * marks items that should be corrected

    Please advise if not correct.

    Arcane Lesser Air:
    ELAIRSU1. 8HD, 64hp.

    Arcane Lesser Earth:
    ELEARSUW. 8HD, 64hp.

    Arcane Lesser Fire:
    #9278 raised in respect of ELFIRSUW having 12HD, 96hp instead of 8HD, 64hp.

    Arcane Air:
    #9270 raised in respect of summoning 3 types instead of 2
    ELAIRSUW 8HD and ELAIRSU2 16HD types are summoned.
    12HD, 16HD and 24HD types should be summoned.

    Arcane Earth:
    ELEARSU2. 12HD 96hp.
    ELEARSU3. 16HD 128hp.
    ELEARSU4. 24HD 192hp.

    Arcane Fire:
    ELFIRSU2. 12HD 96hp.
    ELFIRSU3. 16HD 128hp.
    ELFIRSU4. 24HD 192hp.

    Druid Fire:
    ELFIRPR. 12HD 96hp.
    ELFIRPR2. 16HD 128hp.
    ELFIRPR3. 24HD 192hp.

    Druid Elemental:
    SWAFIR01. 16HD 128hp
    SWAEAR01. 16HD 128hp
    SWAAIR01. 16HD 128hp

    Druid Greater Elemental:
    ELEMZAAL. 160hp.
    ELEMCHAN. 180hp.
    ELEMSUNN. 230hp.

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  • PhaetonPhaeton Member Posts: 42
    edited August 2014
    Right. And Arcane Air should be like this.

    Arcane Air (EFF)

    Arcane Air (CRE)
    ELAIRSU2. 12HD 96hp.
    ELAIRSU3. 16HD 128hp.
    ELAIRSU4. 24HD 192hp.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,687
    Thanks, the issue has a link to this thread so that should be helpful if the devs need any more info.

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