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Uber solo recipe: bard

This works just as well with any bard kit.

STR 18 (19 after Tome really helps if you ever get into melee)
DEX 18 (AC, Pick Pocket, bow shots)
CON 15 (you'll boost it to 16 while still level 1)
INT 13 (minimum)
WIS (7 or 10, depends how patient you are)
CHA 15+ (depends how patient you are)

Wands are the secret to this build.
Wand of Monster Summoning, Wand of Fireballs, Wand of Paralyzation.

* First get the Wand of Paralyzation; by using a trick, you can easily pick this up at level 1. Get the Potion of Speed from Imoen, and the Potion of Invisibility from Jaheira. Hike to the Lighthouse; when close to, but out of range of the Sirines, drink both potions. Sneak in all the way to the container in the cave. Once you grab the contents, everybody will attack, but Speed will let you outrun them all; just run all the way back to Beregost. You get CON+1 and the excellent Cloak of the Wolf as a bonus.

This Wand gives you Stun, which is super against one-on-one bosses like Greywolf (Sword+2), Meilum (Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise) and good experience/money givers like Bassilus and Taugosz. Getting this wand early is easy and gives a real kick-start to the run.

* The Wand of Monster Summoning is next; you'll need to fight three Ghasts to get it. Buy a Potion of Freedom from High Hedge to neutralize their Holds. A buffed-up bard can then tackle these foul beasts quite early on. You might even try stunning them, or run past them and use the Wand of Summons on the spot.

This Wand is totally uber, and is the main staple of this strategy. Once you get this one, you are close to invincible. It doesn't just give you fodder; it gives you a continuous flow of fodder, as you can keep using it again and again in a fight.

* The Wand of Fireball is last; you can find one in the Ankheg cave. How to beat the Ankheg's ? Summons from the Wand ofcourse! Just make sure you always have a couple of summons in front of you, and no Ankheg will get a scratch on you.

This wand is a nice addition, and can wipe out tons of weaker enemies in one or two shots. Or tons of tougher enemies in six or seven shots. Remember, unlike memorized spells, a recharged wand gives almost unlimited numbers of spells in a fight.

You'll be solo, so there's always enough cash to sell wands with only a few charges left and buy them back fully charged.

Spell book is there for some ID spells and mirror images, after which you can put your armor back on.

Have fun spamming the monster summoning wand, singing, and then picking up some great equipment off of Drizzt too!



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