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TurboTTTurboTT Member Posts: 15
edited August 2014 in Feature Requests
I wish for more DLC in BG 1 & 2, I have done all thats new and looking for new challanges.
There will always be someone who is against dlc, the game is still buggy etc. The game will never be bug free, only reducing the bugs can be achived.
"I dont want to pay for DLC, when it should be included in the main game": this statment can be true if a company wants to charge you what should be included, however the game lives longer with DLC (if DLC is good).

Personaly I dont need to wait another year for another patch, I would rather have more content!

Example of DLC:

I. Expand new or exsisting areas. (add a dungoen to gnoll fotress!)
II. add NPC
III. Add classes


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