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[Known] Green-tinted overlay for Sorcerers

RilifaenRilifaen Member Posts: 8
edited September 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
Gate70 said:

Sorcerers should not see green tinted overlay for scrolls on inventory screen, or in store
1. Load attached save.
2. View the character inventory (I).

Identify scroll has a green tinted overlay.

Scrolls should not have an overlay for sorcerers

I hope this is understandable even without the proper bug submit form; simply, all scrolls have a green-tinted overlay when viewed by sorcerers, who cannot write a single spell in their spellbooks (both when the spell is already in there and is not).

1. Start a new game with a sorcerer or a dragon disciple
2. Learn Identify spell at the creation screen (or not)
3. Start Firebead's quest, talk to Tethoril
4. Received Identify scroll will have the green-tinted overlay (works with any scroll)

All wizard scrolls have a green-tinted overlay when viewed by sorcerers/dragon disciples

NO scroll should have a green-tinted overlay when viewed by sorcerers/dragon disciples, since they don't learn new spells by writing them

It doesn't matter whether the spell is already in spellbook or not

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