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[Known] corans quest

Cr4zyJCr4zyJ Member, Mobile Tester Posts: 208
edited September 2014 in BG:EE Bugs (v1.3)
Gate70 said:

Coran should not try to conclude his wyvern hunt at the cave of Peter of the North

1. Load attached save.
2. Enter the cave.
3. Speak to Peter of the North (1 > 1 > 2).
4. Kill a baby wyvern (CTRL/Y).

Coran initiates dialogue and asks to take the wyvern head to the temple of Beregost.

Coran should not initiate dialogue.

This dialogue should be reserved for a later cave in Cloakwood (AR4501 within AR1700) where two adult wyverns can be found and killed for their skulls. The dialogue only happens at that stage if it has not happened at the incorrect location.

Found a bug in 1.3 for android and possibly other platforms. If you recruit coran into your your party in the cloakwoods 2 (?) And pursue his quest for the wyvrns, if you first go to the cave where the npc has 2 baby wyvrns (cloakwood 3) and you kill one of those wyvrns it triggers corans quest to progress even though this is the wrong wyvrn cave. If you then go back towards the temple to complete the quest and run into my wyvrns in a random encounter you can still take their head and complete the quest even though you haven't gone to live in caves in cloak wood 4

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  • GallowglassGallowglass Member Posts: 3,356
    It was already the case before 1.3 that any wyvern's head (such as those from random encounters in area transitions) would satisfy Coran's quest. I think (can you confirm, @Dee?) that this is by design.

    However, you're correct that the quest shouldn't respond to the baby wyverns in Peter of the North's cave, since those don't drop heads when they die ... so yes, that aspect must be a bug.

  • dreamriderdreamrider Member Posts: 417
    For what it is worth, he responded the same way to the first baby wyvern kill even in vanilla BG. So it's an old, old bug.

    Never mattered much, because regardless of his comment, you cannot COMPLETE the quest until you DO have a wyvern head in possession to take to the Temple.

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