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Version 1.3 Mod install Order

BladesBlades Member Posts: 159
Can anyone tell me the most proficient Mod install Order for the below listing. I just updated to 1.3.

Neera Expansion
More Style for Mages
New BG:EE items available in shops
Team BG Armor Pack
Team BG Weapon Pack
Wand Case
Sirene's Call
Drizzt Saga
T'was a Slow Boat from Kara-Tur
BG:EE Kitpack (not sure if kits are working again after patch 1.3)
Faiths of Faerun Kitpack
Rogue Rebalancing
Scions of Murder (kit)
Extended Animations
EXII - Baldur's Gate - Portait Pack

Yes, I know, a lot mods listed there....


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