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[DUPE #9766] Scrolls w. spell immunity type menus not cast during pause

GalactygonGalactygon Member, Developer Posts: 378
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
This is related to this topic here, but posting it as a new thread b/c the solution would be tweaking the engine:

Existing behavior: Scrolls that cast spells that open up a menu of subspells are not cast during pause. The player inconveniently has to wait and keep the character selected. The 2 scrolls affected are: Spell Immunity (SCRL6S.itm) and Enchanted Weapon (SCRL6M.itm). I have tried changing the targettype of the .itm extended headers to 7 (self ignore pause), but not only does it not work, but also results in the character doing nothing without expending the item charge. It seems targettype 7 is hardcoded to only be used in spells.

Desired behavior: Both scrolls should be cast immediately under pause (as would the spells themselves as covered in the other thread)

How to reproduce this: Attempt either SCRL6S or SCRL6M when paused. In order to test to confirm targettype 7 for .itm extended headers do not work do the following:
(1) download and unzip the two scrolls SCRL6M.itm and SCRL6S.itm into the override folder (all I did was set the targettype to 7 of the first extended header for both items).
(2) attempt to use either item
(3) you should see your character simply stand there without any charges expended

Suggested implementation:
(1) fix the hardcoded engine issue so that a targettype of 7 works for .itm extended headers
(2) change the first extended header of the two items SCRL6S and SCRL6M to a targettype of 7

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