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[Known 6922] Black Blade of Disaster and Energy Blades

GalactygonGalactygon Member, Developer Posts: 378
edited September 2014 in BGII:EE Bugs (v1.2.2030)
Unsure if this is a bug or intended feature, reporting it nonetheless.

Existing behavior: The 9th level wizard spell Energy Blades (SPWI920) uses practically the same .bam icon as Black Blade of Disaster (SPWI915). This makes it easy to confuse both spells.

Intended behavior: Both spells use different icons so they are not confused. Energy Blades uses the old pre-EE icon. The priest version of Energy Blades uses the correct icon.

Cause of the issue: The spell icons referenced by the wizard version of Energy Blades (SPWI920A.bam, SPWI920B.bam, and SPWI920C.bam) are almost identical to Black Blade of Disaster's icons (SPWI915A.bam, SPWI915B.bam, and SPWI915C.bam). In other words, the issue lies with the .bam files themselves rather than the .spl.

Suggested implementation: Restore Energy Blade's (wizard version) spell icon to the one used in the pre-EE BGII. Unless this is intended behavior.

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