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Most satisfying playthrough?

Having never finished ToB (but having finished BG1 several times and BG2 a couple), I'm wondering which class, race, alignment, etc would be a good choice for a play through from BG1 to ToB for the first—and canonical—time.
One that meshes well with the different NPCs, that will keep the game interesting and challenging, and will provide for the most satisfying ending for the Saga.

So, for you, what combinations of class, party and story choices made for a satisfying playthrough?



  • KloroxKlorox Member Posts: 734
    I've found it very satisfying with a sorcerer.

    I could never get tutu to work properly, and so I'm going at BGEE with this character now.

    I like sorcerer a lot because they have natural power, it's not something they learned (although one could definitely justify being a mage growing up in Candlekeep).

    He has average stats (I am starting with all 10's). He has a power growing inside him, and will use it for good.

    That's just my current go. Personally, I get fed up with almost any game I start that isn't justifiably canon. This is in my mind only, but for me, a canon protagonist must be:

    1) Human, half elf, half orc, or halfling. Any other race doesn't fit the age requirement of "only being slightly older than Imoen," who is a teenager.

    2) Not a ranger, druid, paladin, cleric, or barbarian. I just can't see how the protagonist can justify either a background so heavily steeped in nature (because s/he grew up in a library), nor can I see one who dedicates his/her life to a deity (considering the whole Bhaalspawn thing).

    Again, I know there are justifications for going against my above rules, but they just don't cut it for me.

    Any other combination works pretty well for me. :)

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