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Shadowdancer 13/ mage saga run.

B4nJ0B4nJ0 Member Posts: 92
I have been away from the game from a while, so this is my 1st run with bg2ee!

I did an evil party to try the new characters and, atm in SoA, this is what I'm running:

Myself (Shadowdancer/mage)

Not a powerplay party, I should say. But since I'm doing this run w/out ascension or any difficut mod installed I'm running more then fine, atm, and I'm enjoying the new toons so far.

Random feedback for who would like to try a shadowdancer after nerf.

I don't understand too well the point of the class, aside from roleplay pov. Yeah, HiPs is quite good and funny to use but the class doesn't add too much to the gameplay and has a lot of problems for who like decent party set up.

The 2 main iussues with shadowdancer, imo:

1) It's only have 15point/level, so if you wanna dual it and be able to use HiPS you will need another thief in the party and that's HORRIBLE. Thiefs are useless in min/maxing set up and you should avoid almost at any cost to have more then "half" of them, go figure 2.

2) to dual it's required 15str/dex/cha. That's a lot to me, since if you wanna dual to mage and be able to max the wish spell you will need, with bg1 toms, a roll that's minimum like this:

14str (better 15 to be at 18/00 at the beginning of ToB imo)
17int (if you don't mind losing the 19 untill waaaay later in the game)

96+ roll, 97 optimal

things changes a bit if you wanna cheese the dual at the beginning of ToB, so after hell you can squeeze other 2 points in str or wis+cha but, at this point, just press cntrll+8 and go 18/18/15/18/18/14 and you are done IMO.

On the run:

I'm doing ok, my main toon atm is shadowdancer 13/mage10 so he still has to regain the shadowdancer but, honestly, who cares? As a pure mage he is way more usefull to this party then before and, at the begininng of SoA, I was more then happy to kick the whole party after having stolen almost all the scrolls in the city to give him around 400k exp.

Dorn is decent, but not has powerfull has an unmodded inquisitor (op) or a cavalier IMO.

Viconia: well for some reasons she's my most loved toon of the bg saga, just classic support cleric without props or slops.

Hexxat: I liked the storyline but the fact that she's a pure rogue hurt a lot.

So, basically I'm running with 1 fighter character with low utility, 2 buffers and 1 detect trap toon.

Let me say that this run is going a bit slow :p

I would like to see if some one else is trying to run a shadowdancer in any run, both with mod or not and what use they are doing with it.

Have fun playing bg as always ;)



  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 15,906
    Yes, please share your experience with us, not many Shadowdancer playthroughs are here. @Tresset‌ has tried it, maybe a few others as well.

    But the more experience of trying a Shadowdancer after that patch we can read about, the better :)

  • KaigenKaigen Member Posts: 1,567
    I thought thieves were useless in a min/maxing setup too, until I started using Spike Trap.

  • B4nJ0B4nJ0 Member Posts: 92
    Keep in mind this is not a min/maxed run. I was just saying that's a bit boring to run with 2 rogues and 1 pure cleric in a 4 man set up. I love any kind of rogue as well and I have played them way more then any other toon but, if you don't want to abuse traps, running 2 of them will hurt the party more often then not.

    Btw I think that shadowdancer/mage can be a decent combo even in min/maxed set up if you don't mind losing a bit of kill speed since he's one of the ultimate "try to kill me" characters and can be fine in a no-reload challenge as well.

    I like the rp idea to run this ultimate unkillable thief/mage that abuse all the evasion stuff from wizard plus the powerfull hips and free time stop effect from SD as well. At least it's how I'm mainly playing the char atm, since I'm casting spells in fights just when I need to counter other wizards.

    All considered, I think Hexxat will be a fine toon when she will be able to gain uai for very good saves and +2atk/round (she will gear belm and ninja-to prob) and, meanwhile, she's kind of the main tank since you can let her die all the time due to her vampiric nature.

  • KaigenKaigen Member Posts: 1,567
    I've been toying with the idea of a shadowdancer->fighter dual class for quite a while now. Delivering grandmastery-empowered backstabs and disappearing when things get too hot in the front lines and that sort of thing. One of these days I'll get around to it.

  • SpungiSpungi Member Posts: 216
    I made a fighter13/shadowdancer in black pits.. Illegal class, I know... But he was beyond the point of op. Dunno if a shadowdancer/fighter will be equal good... But some fights he more or less won on his own.

    Hips>backstab>HLA that gives 100 crit then hips again, repeat, ?????, profit. He more or less soloed the winged...

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