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[Dupe] iPad BB1 doesn' recocognize my prior IAP??

ragamuffin143ragamuffin143 Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Troubleshooting
I DL'd BB1:EE from the Apple App Store for my iPad 2 back When it first came out and bought all of the IAP (new characters, picture pack, voice pack, eat). I've backed up my 16 GB iPad 2 several times to my main Wibdows Computer, but had to delete the game a few months ago to make some room to take a long video. I recently re downloaded the game from the App Store and was able to do so without having to pay for it again. However, all of my saves were gone, and the game doesn't reflect my previously paid for IAP. It asks me to pay for all of them again?! I'm angry about my lost saved games, but the App Store should have a record of my previously paid for IAP. what's the solution here? Thanks for the help.

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