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Dual Classing to Cleric from Fighter only possible with character editer?

So, I figured maybe it'd be interesting to make myself an evil fighter ---) cleric and have a less annoying evil Anomen equivalent for BG2.

I've got all the fixin's even sacrificed some stats to make sure I had 9 int and 16 wis as well as being human, but upon reaching my desired level for dual classing (7) I find that the only option available to me is Thief. I then was like, Ok, whatever, I'll test out if I could do it in BG2, and I find the same character has no dual class options at all (the dual class option is blacked out altogether) at the start.

Is making a dual classed fighter to cleric build only possible with a savegame/char editing program? Or have I made some dreadful mistake somewhere?

Human, NE, Fighter 7, 18,15,18,9,16,7. Shouldn't these stats work for such a build?


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