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Portraits don't stay/only one portrait

DizzyJDizzyJ Member Posts: 2
I have two portrait issues. The first one I probably a bug—I've put a bunch of portraits into a Portrait folder (in the Resources, along with the data, lang, etc., on the Mac install). They show up during character creation, but after I close out of the character window and start playing, the portrait reverts to the default game portrait for that portrait file name (e.g., if I pick the image I've named ViconiaL.bmp, the game shows me the original Viconia art).

Is this fixable?

The other issue probably isn't a bug, but in between the last time I played and me reinstalling the game this week, the ability to have a separate large/medium portrait and small portrait seems to have disappeared—or I can't find the menu to pick the small portrait. I like to make a torso-and-head portrait for the Character screen, and a head-only small portrait for the main screen. Did some "improvement" get rid of the two portrait screen? :(


  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    edited October 2014
    Probably best not to create new portraits with named of existing ones. Is your intention to use these for rolled characters or to have NPC's such as Viconia appear with the modified portraits?

    It should still be possible to use different sized portraits if you call them ????l (optional?) ????m (mandatory) ????s (optional) the smaller one should be picked up automatically. Have a read of the first post here.

    n.b. that link also describes how to alter the NPC portraits. Also remember that the game needs to be closed down while adding portraits and restarted once they are in the override folder.

  • DizzyJDizzyJ Member Posts: 2
    I wanted to mod all the portraits in the game. I also don't have a button for custom portraits—the only thing available to me are the ones with standard names. (See attached image—the place where the custom portrait selection is gone).

    The other problem appears to be a result of not having a M-sized image. I read the beginning of that thread and, since I didn't care about different cropping in the L and M size, only made L and S sizes. But now that the image persists after closing the character screen, it's still not using the S image for the party bit. Frustrating.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    edited October 2014
    @DizzyJ‌ I don't have a Mac to test but the next link looks as it it covers 2 items, which I think are both different from where you are currently placing them.
    1. Where custom portraits should be added on the Mac (portraits folder in documents location).
    2. Where default portraits such as Viconia should be added (override folder in game location).

    Hopefully these 2 areas will get the results you are looking for. I'm guessing the portraits of NPC's such as Viconia might need to be medium and small rather than downscaling larger ones otherwise the default ones will be picked up instead.

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