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#10034 [All] Biographies should be present when a pregenerated character is imported

GiantEnemyGiantEnemy Member Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)

1. Start the game, click on the IWD logo -> Single Player -> Pregenerate Character
2. Pregenerate a female dwarf chaotic evil Dwarven Defender (fighter kit) and name her Valeria
3. Click New game, delete Felicia from the create party screen, then click Create
4. Scroll down until you see Valeria then click Play -> Play -> Done
5. Finish the conversation with Hrothgar by selecting dialogue responses 1, 1
6. Select Valeria and open her character record sheet (R)
7. Click Information -> Biography

The biography displays "Locks can sometimes be opened through bashing." or some other random line (see attached screenshot)

The proper biography for the relevant kit should be displayed. (In this particular case strref 40278 should be displayed for a Dwarven Defender)

A different erroneous line will appear for different classes.

Original Post:
1) Start new Icewind Dale game with pregenerated party with custom biographies.
2) Go to character record for any of the characters
3) Click on Information
4) Click on Biography

The text shown is "Base THAC0"

The text should show the biography previously written.

Additional Notes:
I have checked the .bio files and they do contain the expected text.

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