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I want to address a very important issue

HvitrEbrithilHvitrEbrithil Member Posts: 36
edited August 2012 in Archive (Feature Requests)

This. That voice reeeeeally got on my nerve by the end of BGII:SOA. Now, I can't recall if he says that in BGI, but in my opinion, it's on the border of demanding its own checkbox in the option tab: "Play "Gather your party..." when venturing to another area".

I admit, it's kind of part of the charm of the game, but that same voice saying it, over and over again, it gets pretty annoying..


  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,213
    edited August 2012
    I always turn it off using BG2tweaks...
  • HvitrEbrithilHvitrEbrithil Member Posts: 36
    Me too.. First playthroughs I didn't know there were anything called mods, had to live with the sound... When I found the mod I applied it at once, it was beautiful!
  • Ulfgar_TorunnUlfgar_Torunn Member Posts: 169
    I've always liked that this line was voiced; it draws more attention to the reason that you cannot exit an area. Unfortunately, it plays every time that a character reaches an area border. A relatively simple fix would be to have it play only once per movement request, instead of once per character.

    Decreasing the frequency would surely alleviate the irritation this sound clip causes without eliminating it completely.
  • HvitrEbrithilHvitrEbrithil Member Posts: 36
    edited August 2012
    If they could merge that idea you have @Ulfgar_Torunn , with maybe creating some alternate voiceovers for the line, randomly playing, I think it would go from irritating, to kinda fun. It's small, but I always found the different voices saying the same line (like the voices for the characters in the char-gen-faze) quite fun to listen to. They all said the same thing, but it was cool hearing different voices to the words.

    Now, I know that takes it a little further than a simple fix, but I really think it would add something to the game experience, AND remove the irritation it has caused some players over the years.
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,213
    When it plays 5 times at once... please don't make me remember the times before the first tweaks to eliminate this sound appeared :)
  • HvitrEbrithilHvitrEbrithil Member Posts: 36
  • mlnevesemlnevese Member, Moderator Posts: 10,213
    Beware... someone might make it into a Rap somewhere.... :)
  • Dragonfolk2000Dragonfolk2000 Member Posts: 377
    I never noticed it actually.
  • bigdogchrisbigdogchris Member Posts: 1,336
    Just don't click door entrances when your party is not gathered. Instead, click on the ground by the door and wait for them all to arrive then click the door.
  • ShinShin Member Posts: 2,345
    Actually I don't mind it that much. As has been stated, you normally don't need to listen to it for very long.

    Something I do mind and always get rid of though is the battle music. Gets on my nerves how repetitive it is, especially when you explore a map and run into a new fight every 30 seconds.
  • CheesebellyCheesebelly Member Posts: 1,727
    I love "You must gather your party before venturing forth". Eliminating it would be just as grave as eliminating the stat rolls D:

    Besides, I think mr. Oster already confirmed through Twitter that YMGYPBVF stays in the game. XD
  • evil_apeevil_ape Member Posts: 32
    One of my favorite features of BG. I am going to use it as a ringtone. I really missed it in IWD 1&2.

    There should be an option in the sound settings to turn it off or on, default: on.
  • WardWard Member Posts: 1,305
    Don't ignore it. :(
  • KnettgummiKnettgummi Member Posts: 152
    It wouldn't be BG without that line. ;)

    Though I seem to recall a tweet from a while back mentioning that it would be a made a little less insistent...
  • Corto81Corto81 Member Posts: 18
    "You must gather your party before venturing forth" is a classic and must stay in the game.

    Like the others have said, it's a part of what made BG.... BG.
  • BaldurBaldur Member Posts: 54
    How could anyone want to get rid of "You must gather your party before venturing forth"?! That's as iconic to Baldur's Gate as "Updated my journal" is to Planescape: Torment. Removing that is like.. chopping off your newborn's leg because it has a mole, and you, personally, just happen to dislike moles.
  • HvitrEbrithilHvitrEbrithil Member Posts: 36
    Keep it: Yes.
    But I wouldn't mind having the option turn it off at some point, or if they spiced it up a little, or made it less repetitive, so that it doesn't play 5 times before you venture forth..
    @Ulfgar_Torunn and @evil_ape had some nice solutions to tweaks and options for making it less annoying for those who feel that way.
  • MilesBeyondMilesBeyond Member Posts: 324
    Heh I actually laughed out loud the first time I played Dragon Age: Origins and when leaving an area the game asks you "Gather your party and venture forth?"
  • NWN_babaYagaNWN_babaYaga Member Posts: 732
    heh i loved that. Thats a key aspect of BG to me.
  • drawnacroldrawnacrol Member Posts: 253
    Number 1 on my mod list when doing a new playthrough.
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