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#10532 [All] Orrick's store should upgrade even if it wasn't visited in chapters 2 or 3

LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
edited November 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)

I've been through Orrick's .dlg and I think I've found an error.
He has got three StartStore dialogue actions - depending on the chapter level.
I've had a look at this in NI and, for some reason, the store he opens is set to kuork0 for all three options.
I've check the stores list and he has stores: kuork0, kuork1, kuork2, kuork3.
I fixed his dlg file to open the other stores at the correct chapter and it works fine.

My other thread on this top can be closed as it's old.

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  • CamDawgCamDawg Member, Developer Posts: 3,394
    This is correct. The kuork1-3 stores were his old IWD stores that he made available based on chapter. kuork0 starts with the contents of kuork1, and gets the contents of kuork2 and kuork3 added to it as they game progresses at the same point in the story where you would get access to them in the original.

    The old IWD method meant that you could never go back and see his previous stock. This method allows you to see the old stock while still preserving his progressive inventory.

  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    Ok, I can understand this.
    His updated store using the new method hasn't got any of the stuff versus updating via the old method. I wonder what's going on there.

  • sarevok57sarevok57 Member Posts: 4,884
    yeah, i've noticed on my first playthrough that his store didn't get the last upgrade in chapter 6, i believe it stopped upgrading in chapter 3

  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,018
    You have to leave and return from what I've read. So even though you're told to go to Dragon's Eye for Chapter 2, you have to travel to Dragon's Eye, then travel back to Kuldahar and the store will be updated.

  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187

    You have to leave and return from what I've read. So even though you're told to go to Dragon's Eye for Chapter 2, you have to travel to Dragon's Eye, then travel back to Kuldahar and the store will be updated.

    Sorry. Been there, done that. He added a measly 2 spells. It would help me to know if something is wrong if there other people could post a shopping list of what Orrick adds in Chapter 2 (Dragon's Eye).

  • Sylvus_MoonbowSylvus_Moonbow Member Posts: 1,018
    edited November 2014
    The spells:

    Lance of Disruption
    Mordekainen's Force Missiles
    Vitriolic Sphere
    Contact Other Plane
    Phantom Blade
    Emotion Fear
    Spirit Armor
    Enchanted Weapon
    Minor Sequencer
    Detect Illusion
    Invisibility, 10' Radius
    Monster Summoning II
    Dire Charm
    Lightning Bolt
    Snilloc's Snowball Swarm
    Know Alignment
    Dispel Magic

    The items:

    Wand of Freezing Death
    Pemby's Wand of Many Missiles
    Jasper's Ring of Shocking Grasp
    Rogue's Cowl
    Shimmering Sash

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,645
    kuork2 has items including Jaspers Ring
    kuork3 has items including Mantle of Hell's Furnace

  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    edited November 2014
    @Sylvus_Moonbow Thanks for this list. The effort's appreciated.
    In the game I played the kurork0 store didn't update to any of this.
    If anyone knows how to tinker under the hood with NI I'd be grateful for any tips to fix this. Does this mean the actual .sto file has a script?

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,645
    It looks like the initial store is there from chapter 1. An upgrade happens in chapters 2/3 if you trade with him.

    A second upgrade happens in chapter 4 or later, but only if the first upgrade happened in chapters 2-3. If the first upgrade hasn't happened by that point, neither upgrade will occur.

    @Ligg‌ have you got a save you could attach for inspection please. Or you can check this in the console via these commands, or in NI or EE Keeper or DLTCEP if you are familiar with them.

    Check which store / chapter you have.

    If UNIORRIK is 0 and you are in chapter 4 or later you won't see the bonus items unless you do this.
    Talk to Orrick.
    C:SetGlobal("Chapter","GLOBAL",#) where # is the chapter returned earlier.


  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    edited November 2014
  • LiggLigg Member Posts: 187
    edited November 2014
    Problem Discovered/Solved.

    In my save the variable: C:GetGlobal("UNIORRIK","AR2100") was set to 2
    In the .bcs script file (for AR2100) required:
    RESPONSE #100

    I used the console to reset Global("UNIORRIK","AR2100",1) and it worked.

    I suspect I didn't get the earlier store in chapter 2 & 3 probably because it required Global("UNIORRIK","AR2100",0) and mine may have been set to 1.

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  • subgeniussubgenius Member Posts: 2
    I just had this happen to me running on an iPad Air with the newest version of the OS. In previous games, I was able to get into act 2 and see new stock appear in his store, but in my newest game I don't get anything added after visiting Dragon's Eye and returning to Kuldihar. I can confirm that I've visited his store in chapter 1 and bought/sold items there before departing for chapter 2.

    The only difference this time around is that I'm playing on insane difficulty (NOT HoF though). Does the difficulty slider affect when he gets new items in his store? It'd be very frustrating to lose out on the sash due to a bug I can't fix on iOS...

  • subgeniussubgenius Member Posts: 2
    INTERESTING... I just went back to a previous save I had made just before leaving Kuldihar for Dragon's eye and set the difficulty slider back down to core. I left the town and came back after the cutscene, and now he has the full act 2 inventory. Apparently his store updates are also tied to diffculty setting. How much else is hidden in this little slider?

  • sturmvogel66sturmvogel66 Member Posts: 32
    I'm not getting any upgrade in Chapter 3. I've finished the Severed Hand and want to restock before heading out to Dorn's Deep.

    Uniorrik is set to 1 and the Chapter Global is at 3

    What do I have to do to fix this?

  • cybersolcybersol Member Posts: 2
    edited June 2015
    I also only received the first three new spells from Orrick (LOD, MFM, Shout) and no items when I returned to him during chapter 2 after clearing levels 1 + 2 or Dragon's Eye but not proceeding down the spiral staircase to level 3. I am using the Linux version if that should matter.

    I was able to fix it by first altering ~/.local/share/Icewind Dale - Enhanced Edition/Balder.ini to enable the debug console.
    I added the following lines after "INSERT INTO options ROWS (":
    'Program Options', 'Debug', '1',
    'Program Options', 'Debug Mode', '1',

    I then loaded the game outside Orrick's tower and used Control-Space to open the console and enter this:
    C:SetGlobal("UNIORRIK", "AR2100", 0)

    Then I entered the tower and talked to Orrick and all the correct spells and items for Chapter 2 were there properly now.

    Hope this helps someone else,

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