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What is the new content

So, ive been playing theese infinity games since ever. I put on my bg2 collectors edition xl tshirt yesterday out of kicks when playing IWD.
But after reaching lower lvl's of dorn I could not remembering anything that was new. no new area no new quests.
You would think the "boiler" room in the museum was "fixed" so you could at least defrost the museum to kill the nagas or something.

Am I missing something. almost done with game and ive not done anything new.
(I scrolled 5 pages back to find and googled tons but could not find what was new)


  • moody_magemoody_mage Member Posts: 2,052
    Unfinished Business is included;

    And obviously Trials of the Luremaster is included in the base game.

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 19,110
    edited November 2014
    There's no "new" content, only "restored" one in IWDEE.

    This restored content provides a completely new quest in Lower Dorn's Deep, the Voice of Durdel Anatha. It also allows for different resolutions or twists to existing quests. For example, you can challenge Presio to a one-on-one duel, or find a way to turn Malavon's golems against him.

    The details of the restored content are below:

    The Voice of Durdel Anatha
    This is probably the best known of the missing content, and a slightly different version is available as part of the core content of Auril's Bane. This component restores the Voice of Durdel Anatha, a cursed paladin of Torm forced to wander around Lower Dorn's Deep. The party can free him of his curse.

    Malavon's Golems
    There was a book that detailed how Malavon created his twin iron golems. The party can possibly deactivate or even turn them against Malavon.

    Marketh's Ring
    The trickiest restoration, Marketh originally had a ring that allowed him to teleport around Lower Dorn's Deep, making him impossible to catch. This idea was eventually abandoned for a different path altogether. I've tried to restore this quest while keeping many aspects of the Marketh-Ginafae-Malavon relationship as possible, while still restoring the original quest to deal with Marketh's ring.

    Expanded Guello/Beorn Quest
    When you speak with the deep gnomes, they actually ask for two things--that you kill Shikata and his salamander kin (thus freeing Guello) and also to stop the umber hulks that are digging and searching for their hidden enclave. Guello will now reward you for both tasks instead of just one of them. Note that this also restores a wave of umber hulks in Tarnelm's oubliette, making the battle here a bit tougher.

    Presio's Duel
    The third level of Dragon's Eye features Presio and her legions of undead. As the party travels the area, she speaks to the party via her undead lieutenants. Paladins and mages can call her out to single combat through one of these vessels.

    Orrick's Rhino Beetle Shield
    The duergar Dirty Llew can fashion a shield out of rhino beetle shells for the party; Nym can further enchant the shield. As an alternative, the party can take Llew's shield to Orrick in Kuldahar instead with a slightly different result.

    The High Baptist's Flock
    Some leftover dialogues and scripting suggested The High Baptist was supposed to have some followers. When you encounter him on the fifth level of the Dragon's Eye, he'll now have a small but "loyal" congregation.

    But IWDEE is much more than the restored content, if compared with the vanilla game: new spells from BG, completely new spells nowhere seen before, new items, new UI, new classes and kits from BG + 2 completely new kits. Check all the details here:

  • RedrakeRedrake Member Posts: 423
    And unfortunately, they also took some bad things from BG2 on the assumption that IWD needed them. Like sound lines BG2 style, not IWD, 3E classes and races and so on.

  • schreierschreier Member Posts: 79
    Any chance of adding in Quiver (etc) of Plenty at any point? Lots of great bows which very high APR, which blows through arrows crazy fast ...

    Also, any HLAs down the pike? I'm sure people would buy DLC for that at this point (could you do a buy-in-game like the extra portraits and characters in BG?) In that same vein, any chance of extra pics/portraits/sounds?

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