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One of the end battles (spoilers)

WigglesWiggles Member Posts: 571
So when you fight Pomab, he has those multiple images. Ok, couldn't figure out what to do after three attempts so I looked online. Kill the false ones first, ignore the sentries, kill Pomab, ok.

Those images teleport when they get hit and are immune to range and magic? ok

Those images heal themselves after they teleport? W-T-F!?!? So essentially I have to get a crit with my fighter and do upwards of like 50 damage on one hit to kill an image? Because if I don't they teleport away and heal themselves. I've burnt through like 4 hastes to try and close the distance between the images, and even have Summon Monster IV to try and add more bodies to block the sentries.

I really don't want to play in Story Mode, but at this point, what's it matter? Help please. Thanks.


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