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Multiplayer Broken in BG2 EE

I have 5 friends who all got this game to play it online together and as soon as we left irenicus's dungeon and the dialog screen pops multiple people's pcs crash. so I myself just got us past that part, then saved, then had everyone try to rejoin the game (we are now past the cut scene) and one person joins but when the next person trys to join they are unable to or the person who did successfully join then has a "multiplayer session terminated error". basically multiplayer is screwed up bad. and I need sagely advice. Is this problem being worked on or is beamdog ignoring it? help!!!


  • Foreverman86Foreverman86 Member Posts: 2
    I've found multiple cases of this problem on several different forums... except this one, unfortunately no one seems to have any answers. If anyone reads this and was capable of playing a multiplayer game pls let me know. Also I've found that if only 2 ppl are playing at a time it seems to work with no problem what so ever but as soon as 3 or 4 players come into the mix you usually cant even get the game started because one person cant join at all or when someone does join someone else gets dropped(this occurs during the "character arbitration" Screen). The weirdest part is that we were able to play no problem up until the exit of irenicus's dungeon. After that the game just refuses to let more than 2 ppl play for some reason and we've tried a bunch of times..... pls tell me we didn't waste our money.

  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,664
    There is information about BGII:EE multiplayer mixed in with other bits at

    The 1.3 patch for BG:EE improved that game significantly in respect of multiplayer. There was a huge focus around hangs/crashes such as that seen on leaving the dungeon, and on getting more than one client to connect reliably. The bug fixing is looking at both single player and multiplayer issues so yes, being worked on and not being ignored.

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