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Are druids in HoF viable (compared to clerics and other classes)?



  • PetrolPetrol Member Posts: 34
    edited April 2015
    Druids are really useful in HoF .
    They can use various kinds of creatures , more in HoF invocations have the same advantages as the monsters ( highest HP).
    The technique is to invoke creatures, they serve as wall, the party attacks with ranged weapons .

    One of their most powerful spell is spike growth , witch can be combine.
    The web spell (and slide , cloud etc ... if you have) from the mage or the avenger, immobilizes monsters, just launch spike growth , and kill the monsters with ranged weapons .

    With a party HoF level 1, the pet of the totemic is really interesting , it helped me a lot in the Cave of orcs.

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