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[Not an Issue] Spinesheath Dagger THACO bug?

nptitimnptitim Member Posts: 111
edited November 2014 in IWD:EE Bugs (v1.4.0)
I have the spinesheath dagger +1, in the description it is listed as a +5 THACO bonus (which might make it a worthwhile item) however when equipped it has a -5 THACO effect so it acting liked a cursed item (although can equip/unequip it anytime you want). Just thought I would share this. Love the game in general.

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  • Gate70Gate70 Member, Developer Posts: 3,605
    Did you mean to post this for IWD:EE rather than BG:EE.

    & the lower your THACO the better. e.g. THAC0 of 15 is more likely to hit than a THAC0 of 20. If you could confirm that's what you're seeing (I just checked on IWD:EE and it is working as I would expect).

  • nptitimnptitim Member Posts: 111
    I did post this in the wrong section, sorry about that, and I think I didn't realize that if you weren't proficient in something is that -5 to hit? I have a mage/thief with a base THACO of 17, not proficient in daggers. With Spinesheath her THACO stays 17, so I guess it is just countering her lack of proficiency. With a +2 sword it is 14 (elf and proficient) so that is why with a +5 to hit I couldn't see how it was 3 worse but I guess it makes sense now. My bad

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