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A Simple Truth: Who is King ( in HoF or not )

MapleMaple Member Posts: 26
These days indulged in this forum, I have seen so many discussions of what is the ultimate team composition, XX class is the most powerful......

I have no intention of criticising as I am just obsessed with powerful composition and ultimate DPS class as many of you are. For composition I may not have an answer, but for class there is one simple truth.

I won't deny the brute force those team compositions or classes present. They have maybe the best consistent damage output and wonderful sustainability.

But you know what REALLY makes people feel powerful? The versatility. The ability to come up with a variety of strategy under a certain scenario.

In normal difficulty, you feel powerful because you can easily shut down hordes of enemies in every possible way you can think of.

But unfortunately this is not true for HoF, which leads to most players maximising: Summon, Buff, Disable, Damage ---- any node of this circle missing will lead to fighting significantly harder.


imagine there exist some ways which don't rely on all of those but still demonstrate high efficiency,

You know what I am talking about:

1. Shapechange: Mindflayer + ( Timestop ) + ( Improved Haste ) +( Tenser's Transformation ) + ( Stoneskin )

Yes, HoF buffs HP. We can choose to ignore it.

2. Protection from fire + Incendiary Cloud + ( Great Malison ) + ( Gate ) + ( Stoneskin )

If we talk about HP, we are talking about that much.

The assumption is in a six-person team. In HoF each one will reach 400 million before the point of no return in main game.

And that is when a class truly starts to shine.

I don't want to differentiate Sorcerer, Wild Mage and Kensai/Mage as they all serve this strategy well despite their individual growth curves.


If a six-person team refuses to take the only character(s) that can solo HoF in Heart of Winter and Trial of Luremaster, I doubt if it can be called "the ultimate team".

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  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,885
    *expects a wave of disagreement to the OP

  • Lord_TansheronLord_Tansheron Member Posts: 4,094
    Yes, casting two lvl 9 spells and 3 others seems the epitome of efficiency to me, particularly for the first 80% of the game where you don't have any of that.

    Also, solo follows entirely different rules than party play (not to say that Sorcerer isn't great in a party, it is). And Time Stop is an efficiency trap - while it's SAFE, it is often actually a net loss in damage, because the rest of your party doesn't get to do anything.

    I think you're underestimating what a party full of buffed fighter duals can do under IH. Don't need Shapechange, things just fall over anyway.

    @bengoshi: damn, I fell for it!

  • MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
    The most powerful solo character is F/M/T or F/M/C by far. (Solo-)Sorcerers can't even hold a candle to them, sorry. And who can blame them? It's triple-class vs single class.

    If we are talking about a party of six full of sorcerers you *may* have a point but as bengoshi said there is a storm of disagreement on the horizon.

    People have entirely different views on the matter. Having to rest a lot is one issue of a full caster party for example. For some people resting a lot means having a sub-optimal party and if you're playing a party full of Sorcerers in HoF you *will* be resting a ton until you get at least level 8 spells.

  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    edited November 2014
    nah, protection from fire + resist cold\fire (or fireshield). Voila 120+ fire resist, just throw fireballs at yourself, they will heal you, even low level sunscorch is a heal spell now.

  • MrGoodkatMrGoodkat Member Posts: 167
    And so it begins....

    This might get even better than the druid viability thread. I'm just gonna grab some popcorn now and wait for the hardcore HoF faction to barge in.

  • FardragonFardragon Member Posts: 4,511
    My Troll Dragon Disciple/Cavalier is king.

  • MapleMaple Member Posts: 26
    edited November 2014
    MrGoodkat said:

    And so it begins....

    This might get even better than the druid viability thread. I'm just gonna grab some popcorn now and wait for the hardcore HoF faction to barge in.

    I wish no fighting.

    I should add the assumption that it's a normal six-person team. ( Already added )

    If you take a sorcerer in the team, he contributes well in early games. And in late games he can win some free wins for your whole party using a completely different strategy, on his own. That's how I define "King".

    But it's not possible for f/m, f/m/c or f/m/t because before they can do that ( which is above the total XP gained ), they are just strong fighters with some special casting power. It's normal way of playing HoF.

    I don't want to differentiate Sorcerer, Wild Mage and Kensai/Mage, they all serve the strategy fine despite individual growth curve.

    ( And for solo as there should be no limits for resting, Sorcerer also achieve these spells much earlier.)

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  • kensaikensai Member Posts: 228
    Fardragon said:

    My Troll Dragon Disciple/Cavalier is king.

    meh, my kensai\assassin\sorcerer just laughed then he heard this!

  • JuliusBorisovJuliusBorisov Member, Administrator, Moderator, Developer Posts: 18,885
    edited November 2014
    The simple truth is there's no one king in HoF or not:

    each player's tastes and playing habits/tactics differ a lot.

  • WowoWowo Member Posts: 2,058
    I had a sorcerer for the first few levels (50,000 xp) but hated her sitting on her arse not contributing so much that I went to the trouble to install ifunbox and itunes on my friends computer, download eekeeper, try to use eekeeper (fail), transferred my save to mpsave delete my sorcerer, create a new level 1 kensei to dual to mage.

    Now my kensei 13/mage 17 has Grandmastery in axes and is working on bastard swords while my other mage has IH for everybody. Death and destruction ensues!

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