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Playthrough idea: The story of Regibald Dun

Regibald Dun is a necromancer, but certifiably good (He has a hand written note from a paladin). How did this come to be? Well...

Regibald was raised amongst a cabal of necromancers hidden deep in the ruins of some ruins that were rumored to have no gold or treasure, in order to keep the adventurers away. He was an odd child, always reading books and such. This was rather normal except Regibald always read the books about daring heroics. Such corrupting influences took their toll on young Regibald and his instructors were very disappointed when they found out he was resurrecting his sacrificial bunnies not because he was trying to raise an army of bunny zombies but because he felt bad for killing them.

Regibald managed to stay afloat but then when the cabal murdered a family and brought all but their youngest son back from the dead he knew what he had to do! He brought that child back, returned them to their family and used some advanced necromancy he invented to bring back something resembling sanity and memories to the former family!

One terrible moment later that involved much screaming, hatred, and having to rekill an entire family Regibald was running for his life from the very people he grew up with, so he did the only thing he could. Went to the nearest city and told them all about a cabal of evil necromancers!

Lead by a paladin, a small militia set to work and slew the cabal and all their work. Caught by surprised, the necromancers did not last long. Sadly, during the fight, Regibald's connections to the cabal came to light. It didn't help many of the necromancers knew him by name, and all doubt was lost when Regibald shouted "Ha! This is what you get for throwing me out, Kirkland! And giving me all those noogies!"

This left the paladin in an awkward position, but in the end he did what every paladin should do in this situation. He took a good, long, hard look at Regibald...and found him surprisingly untainted by evil. Further soul searching from a cleric determined it. Regibald was not only not evil, but had a strong moral core.

This left the paladin in an awkward position, but "thankfully" the city council made the decision for him. Regibald was to be executed for the raising of the dead. The paladin decided he could not let Regibald die, so calling in some favors he had the man smuggled out of the city and off to the Dales with a book on the teachings of Lathander and a list of things not to do.

It was only later that the paladin realized, to his horror, he forgot to put "raising the dead" on the not do list.....

The idea is simple. Start off solo with 1 level 1 necromancer (Possibly cleric/necromancer) and over time raise various NPCs as minions. These NPCs are not limited by race otherwise I'd have a difficult time getting anyone until near the end. I may use DaleKeeper to edit as appropriate. Any NPC I raise must use the first stat total given to it by chargen and NPC death is permanent (Regibald's death means its reload time). When I make an NPC I am allowed to enhance their level so they're not immediately torn apart by enemies. NPCs do not have to be named. I'm looking at you, random goblin with a bow.

I might post a playthrough here done in various writing forms including first, third and journal entry styles of writing (Depending on how I feel and what I think works best).



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