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Lady's Night - A Journaled Icewind Dale EE Playthrough

The one thing I love most about Icewind Dale is creating such unique characters and watching their personalities bounce off each other as they struggle in their quest to save Kuldahar. It's all in my head, but hey, that's why we all played House and Pirates and Lava Monster as kids: imagination!

Now that I am older, I have come to appreciate using the journal entries in Icewind Dale to document the stories I've created. So, I thought I'd share some of what I wrote. :)

I haven't much in the way of screenshots, I'm afraid. :( Didn't take too many in the early game (and by "too many," I mean "none at all.") So let's see how much I can get away with by just using my writing.

Also, it's called "Lady's Night" because all the characters are women. Why did I do this, you ask?

imageBecause I caaaaan!image



[spoiler=Anthium's Biography]Anthium had grown up in the druid groves hearing stories of the beautiful town of Kuldahar, a town built under the warmth of a tree in the icy wastelands of Icewind Dale. So, when she heard that Hrothgar was seeking adventurers to travel to the majestic haven, she leaped at the chance. Anthium is quiet and thoughtful, ever the cautious leader, but if it means maintaining the greater balance, she will not hesitate to fight.[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Elona's Biography]Elona is a champion of Clanggedin who seeks adventure and glory in the name of her god. Though often brash and blunt, she has a strong sense of honor and despises any sort of injustice, be it petty banditry or corrupt governments. She came to Icewind Dale in search of the dwarven ruins, and decided that Hrothgar's campaign would serve as a safe means of travel (strength in numbers and all that). Needless to say, she didn't expect the avalanche that trapped her in the frozen wastes.[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Renanon's Biography]Renanon--Rena, for short--is a native to the Dale. She grew up around Easthaven with dreams of becoming a traveling minstrel, but the harsh winters and hard times in the Dale have kept her stranded for most of her life. Finally at an age when she is confident in her music and her swordplay, she signs up for Hrothgar's mission in hopes of recording its events, and creating her first masterpiece. She is the youngest of the group, and a hopeless romantic.[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Midra's Biography]Midra is a mystery to most of the group. In truth, she is an assassin sent to kill one of them. All had been going according to her plan until the avalanche struck, and left her stranded in the mountains with this group of misfits. Midra quickly realizes that if she wants to survive, she'll have to put her mission on hold--while quick with a blade and knowledgeable with poisons, she is fragile in the wastes. Instead, she bides her time in silence among the fools, awaiting the opportune moment to strike.[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Lauren's Biography]Lauren didn't always have magic powers. Apparently her mom had a fling with an elf, and that elf's mom had a fling with a dragon, and nobody had bothered to tell her. And so, after downing a few too many drinks on her birthday celebration, BOOM! The Burning Wizard was almost wiped off the map... By a burning wizard. After being run out of town, Lauren fled north, almost grateful for the chance at a new start in life. Along the way, she learned to control her newly awakened powers, and began a humble career as an adventurer, doing odd-jobs here and there. She suspects she descends from a line of red dragons, which might explain why Icewind Dale's cold never bothers her...anyway.[/spoiler]


[spoiler=Bri's Biography]Bri is another native to the Dale, and unlike most of her compatriots, she likes the cold. She'd been abandoned as a baby on the outskirts of a barbarian camp, the Tribe of the Bear. Their leader took a liking to the babe and swore to raise her as his own, but the other warriors were hesitant about accepting a half-orc among their kind. They say that while she was sleeping in her cradle, one of the warriors tried to smother her to death--only to be stopped by the child's own, mighty grip when she awoke, and nearly crushed his wrists. Bri quickly learned that the tribe had little love for her, so once she was old enough to make it out on her own, she left to forge her own path. She's seen plenty of bloodshed in her days, and cares little for morals so long as it means coins in her purse.[/spoiler]



  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Day 3, Hour 18 (4 Mirtul, 1281)


    Our journey through the Vale has been put on hold for the moment. Poor Anthi's been pushing herself with the fate of Kuldahar heavy on her shoulders; after taking a serious blow from a ghoul, she's fallen unconscious. We had to make Bri carry her all the way back to town, the poor thing. Well, it's nothing that a little healing at the Ilmater Temple can't cure, and with Elona's prayers, we've been able to keep her spirit with us.

    I wish I could understand the pain that she's going through. It must be a mighty burden placed on her shoulders, as a druid from the south. If only she realized, she's not alone in this battle. Elona, Lauren, me, and even Bri and Midra--we all survived the avalanche, and we're going to protect Kuldahar together. Anthium... The name of a flower who blossoms even in the most frigid of winters. Don't worry, Anthi... You'll feel better soon.

    [spoiler=Out of Character]So while we were exploring the crypts, I had my first character death on Anthium. Though since she died toward the end of the fight and didn't miss out on a huge chunk of experience, and I was going back to Kuldahar anyway, I figure, I'll just raise her at the temple. No biggie. Helps for roleplaying!

    And now that we're back in Kuldahar, there's some unfinished business to attend to...[/spoiler]

  • kcwisekcwise Member Posts: 2,287

    Except...I totally forgot just how large the radius was on that breath attack, and scorched not only the shadow, but the whole rest of the party as well. Oops.

    I had a similar experience with the Sunfire spell once. Good times. :)

  • NonnahswriterNonnahswriter Member Posts: 2,520
    Day 7, Hour 17 (8 Mirtul, 1281)


    Bri as leader is...interesting, to say the least. She's not very nice, but she's effective and direct. We all have our roles to play in this party, and Bri isn't afraid to let us know exactly what they are at all times! Blunt and quick, that one. And big. Very...very big.

    As for the tomb... Oh my... I think I've seen my fill of skeletons and zombies to last me a lifetime. Once Bri opened the door to the next level and we walked inside, a whole army of undead servants came to greet us! Their breaths were rancid and cold, and the emptiness in their eyes was...agonizing. And we've only scratched the surface; according to Midra and her scouting, there are plenty more waiting for us deeper in the tomb. Bones, bones, and more bones... I'm starting to see a theme for this place. Perhaps the people of Kuldahar should rename this place the Vale of Ghosts? Vale of Spirits? Vale of the Shambling Dead! Hmmm... That last one needs work. At any rate, "shadow" will not do at all. We've not seen a single shadow creature since Lauren burned one out of existence, and that was days ago!

    My spellbook is looking impressive though. I've written so many spells, I don't even know what half of them do! This Color Spray seems like fun, though I don't think the undead would appreciate it... Or Elli, for that matter. Or Bri. Or Midra... Golly, we have a lot of grumps in this group of gals, don't we?

    Oh, looks like everyone's ready to tackle the room again. I'll stop here... Hopefully I'll live long enough to write again.

    [spoiler=Out of Character]Oh look another army of bones in the next room. Guess what we get to do, kids?? SCOUTING AND KITING ONE AT A TIME YAAAAAAY!

    Also, Rena's spellbook, in case anyone's wondering:




    It's almost as if Beamdog realized that the number of scrolls in this game was too low... Hmmmm...[/spoiler]

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