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Mazzy in BG:EE

ChnapyChnapy Member Posts: 360
Hello everyone, I'd like to have your thoughts on a project of mine.

After years of procrastination, I decided to try to mod BG again. Considering I put 2 years and a half of computer science between my first try and now, I'm expecting it to go a bit smoother on the technical side.

I decided I'd start directly on the EEs with a little npc mod. (I would ask if that's a good idea or not, but that's really all I can do 'til I fix or replace my dvd player)

The idea is, as you might have understood by now =D, to make Mazzy a recruitable npc in the first BG. First a working npc, then if I'm not bored yet add some banters, and if I'm feeling particularly audacious, a quest that would play somewhen during chapter 5. First of all, do you know if there's already a mod doing this ? I didn't find any, but I don't really know where to look...

Now how I see the lass :
You'd get her at lvl 1 at Nashkel (part of Amn) with the following build :

L/G Halfling Fighter (yep)

Str : 13 | Dex : 18 | Con : 16 | Int : 10 | Wis : 11 | Cha : 14 --It's two point lower in wisdom and strength than slightly older BG2 Mazzy, otherwise I think she'd be a bit too strong for bg1. This way she gets to wear every armour but the strongest one. The idea here is that she just left Trademeet and is still a bit young and hotheaded. Plus, she isn't the weird Arvoreen paladin she'll get to be later.

Proficiencies : Short sword : * Short bow : *** --At first I thought her bg2 build would railroad me into short swords and bows at two pips, but it appears that if you get her early enough in bg2 she is grand master in archery already and still have a single pip in s.s. That's totally doable in bg2 but supposedly impossible in bg1. But since Coran have illegal proficiencies as well, I thought why the hell not ? But maybe the ability to attain grand mastery in bows in bg1 is a bit too powerful, what do you think ?

Finally, for this little quest project that I will obviously never get around to do, I thought a fitting reward would be some of the phat magikss she have in bg2 (probably lay on hand, maybe strength too ? Haste strikes me as unnecessary and i'm not sure if remove fear would still serve any purpose at this point), along with her +2 sword. Now, said +2 sword is pretty awesome, and probably a bit too much for bg1 ? if I'm not mistaken, it's a +2 (there's better) that makes the wielder immune to slow and stun (I suddenly don't know if there's better) and can slow on hit when the target fails a throw versus wands. That's pretty powerful, and while not everyone can use it, every halfling can. So what do you think, should I discard any idea concerning this sword and never think of it again, or is it fine as it is ? Or maybe I could reduce its power a bit, taking away the free action. Or limiting it to lawful good halfling, to screw the thiefs ?

There. And now back to having far too much work to do this thing right now.



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